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Mind Body Enigma and A Course in Miracles

Updated on December 12, 2012

Reference to Avoid Confusion

Have you ever experienced the sensation that you were moving while you were parked and getting ready to move out of your parking space though you know you have not started the car? Have you ever been in a train station in a train waiting to move and not sure if you moving or if the train outside your window was moving? These are examples of how sometimes we get confused when we lose our point of reference.

We reference everything in relation to other things. We know we are moving if we reference our movement to something we perceive as not moving. If the reference we choose is also moving then confusion arises until we find another more suitable point of reference which agrees with our belief system.

Making Sense out of Non - Sense

Everything we perceive through our five senses is referenced to our belief system which is an accumulation of all the conclusions we have made based on the experiences we have had since our birth and even even before. As each one of us has had our own unique life experiences then each one of us has our own unique inner reference and as such each one of us experiences a different reality. This gives rise to a situation where agreement becomes difficult and in order to make sense of the world we each seek out people and circumstances to verify that our perception of reality is true.

The problem with our thinking process lies in our stubborn assertion that our beliefs are true. We dismiss or attack ideas that contradict what we believe to be true. We make up religion and science to back up our assertions simply because the idea that the world we inhabit is an illusion is unbearable to us. Perception can never be truth. Perception is our way of making our sense of a world of shadows.

Body Identification Keeps us Separate

The body is the vehicle we use to propagate this world of shadows. Without the body there would be no shadows as we would be directly interacting with whatever it is that is there rather than interpreting the world through the five senses.

The body also serves to keep us separate by creating different realities for each of us and in so doing sabotaging our efforts to agree and unite. In ancient times this situation was understood and people used various techniques to suspend their identification with their bodies in order to remind themselves that they were mind and not body. In this way they used Yoga to remind themselves that we are all one and the world of perception is an illusion perpetuated by interpretation of what we receive through our five senses.

We use our bodies the way the controller uses a soldier in the computer game “Call of Duty” as it mimics the idea of body identification in that the controller guides a soldier he identifies with through various battles. When the soldier is killed he is removed from the game for a set time and then returns in another location to continue the game. This is what in effect happens to our bodies as we move from one life time to another but the difference is we never realise that we are not the body. We are the controller which has no body and who is immortal.

Self Realization and Lifting the Veil of Maya

Self realization is simply the realization that we are not the body. We are all one. And nothing we perceive through the body is real. When we stop judging that which is unreal we stop living through the body because the energy we have given to the unreal is withdrawn and the veil of illusion is lifted. Maya is the Sanskrit word for illusion.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this state and realise truth is through forgiveness and this is what A Course in Miracles is all about.

This forms the basis for the work I do in my private practice as an Hypno-Psychotherapist in the Isle of Man and is the reason I believe my practice is so successful. You can learn more about the work my wife Mary and I do by visiting our website Setanta Clinic.

Hypno-Psychotherapy to Change Self Perception


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