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Mind Looks After Body

Updated on May 7, 2011

Pravin Vaghani (Photo by Unusha Vaghani)

Let Your Mind Be The Doctor


Mind Looks After Body

How often when a person complains of small sickness we say “It is all in your mind”.

What does it mean ? Does it really mean that the mind of that person has created that sickness? It is a well-known saying, ‘What you think, so would you be.’ Accordingly if you every now and then indulge in thinking that you may be or are likely to be suffering from a particular illness, it is possible that your mind may direct the body to create that illness.

It is an established fact that many varieties of viruses and bacteria exist in our body in dormant state. When the condition in the body is created which is favourable to any particular of them, it flourishes and makes us sick. Be it a common cold, headache, pain in the stomach, flu, cancer or any other small or major decease, we always think of rushing to the doctor and request him/her to give us as strong a medicine as it is possible so that we are cured overnight. But we do not stop to think that our mind has the power and means to control and get rid of many of those illness.

Here I like to narrate two of my life’s instances, both of which are identical in happening but with different outcome.

We had gone out for a dinner with some friends and came home late. With many drinks and spicy food my stomach was feeling very heavy. I considered it normal as that happens often after a party. I had no problem getting to sleep. But in the middle of the night I woke up with severe pain in the stomach. Vomiting and diarrhoea followed and I felt very dizzy. Eno powder or panadol talets would not help. So we decided to call the doctor. The doctor gave me some injection and antibiotic capsules and also prescribed some other medicine which was bought in the morning and was taken for three days.  I was sick three days before I felt better but for another week I felt very weak due to the side effects of the medicines.

Time passed and I had almost forgotten about it. Then some time later, after a party I had a similar attack of stomach ache in the middle of the night. After vomiting I felt so dizzy that I collapsed on the floor of the bathroom. My whole body was devoid of energy and I could not even move a muscle. With the help of my wife I managed to crawl back to the bed. My wife wanted to call the doctor but this time I remembered the similar instance of the past (narrated above) and did not like the prospect of repeating it. So we did not call the doctor.

During these years I had been reading and studying the function of mind in the body and the power of thinking. Logically speaking the survival of the mind depends upon the health of the body. So the mind has a vested interest to see that the body remains healthy. The mind has control over all the functions of the body as also over all the active cells. It can direct the white and red corpuscles to perform the tasks which are necessary to maintain the heath of the body.

Pain is a message to the mind to inform it the irregularity in the body. The mind then prepares to defend against that irregularity. But by injecting medicine in the body we interfere in the proper function of the mind. A pain killer blocks the message going to the mind. So we feel absence of pain without actually removing the cause of the pain.

I decided to put my knowledge and beliefs into practice. I lied down flat in the bed and started deep breathing. I concentrated on thinking about having a completely pain-free healthy body and then directed the mind to take charge of the body as if handing it over the total control of the body. In a short while I was fast asleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt a little bit of heaviness in the stomach but the severe pain was gone. I had a clean bowl motion and felt vey normal. By midday I was walking around as my normal healthy self. No medicines, no after effects!

I have repeatedly used this method whenever I have an illness and very pleasantly cured myself without any medicine.

I am now totally convinced that many illnesses can be cured by using the power of thinking.


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