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How Your State of Mind Affects Your Looks

Updated on June 25, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

After a Certain Age to some Folks Birthday Is Nothing to Be Cekebrated
After a Certain Age to some Folks Birthday Is Nothing to Be Cekebrated

Thinking of Aging Ages Us

After an evening facial massage and pickling with night creams, in a desperate need for a "facial recycling", to bed we go - only to scare ourselves with our looks the next morning. What never crossed our mind the night before was how every new impression about our getting older is the very cause of it.

That awareness of the passage of time and of our chronological age really does a number on the way we look. Add to it some new layers of stress accumulating their effects on top of those of before, and you got yourself a sure formula for a faster rate of aging.

If it were only for some passing thoughts about those wrinkles becoming more pronounced around lips, eyes, and forehead, we might even get away with them, but such thoughts usually carry an emotional charge which actually makes all that unwanted transformation happen.

Let Me Guess  -  She Is 60 Years Old Cigar Smoker
Let Me Guess - She Is 60 Years Old Cigar Smoker

Matching Ages to Faces

Now, how could such a terrible injustice befall that plump and vibrant face of ours? Well, let us not try to wiggle out of the answer with any excuses, because we did it to ourselves. Food we eat is partially to be blamed, but, from everything I know about the real culprits, food only added to it, while direct cause is to be found in our mind-style.

Particularly in our life long collection of impressions from matching people's ages to their looks. Ever since we were kids, we were exposed to these "life truisms" of people looking their age, and that long conditioning got us brainwashed into believing that we also have to look according to the number of trips we made around the Sun.

You see, it doesn't matter if it's a "flat Earth" all over again, but we pay for all those fallacies being served to us.

Angry Person  -  Angry Skin
Angry Person - Angry Skin

Psychology of Wrinkles

My wild guess is that most of you are saying how you don't believe there is a connection, and aging is merely an unavoidable part of life before we croak. Well, I am not making a new biology up, or at least I am not the first one who seems to be doing it.

Namely, certain pioneers in the field of cellular biology could tell you a similar story, only wrapped up in a fancy vocabulary. The story goes that we are not like our house cats and dogs whose life span is determined genetically. Our genome makes us privileged creatures capable of changing our genes, and we are actually doing it all the time not knowing it.

Unfortunately, not for the better, although that may change some day as people get more familiar with their enormous potential to affect their state of health including their longevity. Nothing is carved in stone in our genetic model, and we are not doomed to stay at this limited level of consciousness.

Did You Know that Carrots Have Feelings? These Must Feel "Too Close for Comfort"
Did You Know that Carrots Have Feelings? These Must Feel "Too Close for Comfort"

Be Nice to those Carrots

Have you ever heard of a person turning grey overnight after an extreme emotional trauma? My guess is that you have. Now the next question: have you ever heard of a black cat turning grey overnight after it barely escaped from the neighbor's dog? No? Neither have I. Here is something to think about. You see, we are not like our pets, we are more like...hmmm, a bunch of carrots.

Did I just say "carrots"? Yes, carrots from that easy to do experiment. You divide a little bunch of carrots into two separate containers which you put in separate rooms, so one group doesn't hear what you are saying to the other.

That's right, you are to play a "veggie-dr. Doolittle ", and no matter how silly you may sound to yourself (make sure you are alone at home), spend a minute or two saying nice things to one of the bunches. Tell them how good they look, so fresh and full of life, and how you love them.

Then go to the other bunch and say to it as bad things that come to mind. Say how you hate them, because they look ugly, and everyone in the household is disgusted with them. Do it every day for about a week, and at the end of that time see how that first bunch has kept its freshness, maybe even started sprouting, while the other one has perished.

This Works better than Skin Mask
This Works better than Skin Mask

Our Bodies Are more Responsive than Carrots

Now think about it for a moment, will you. If those dumb carrots responded to your verbalized emotions of love and disgust, how is your own body responding to these two distinct groups of emotions? Why is it that our face looks so refreshed after a good vacation, even though we are technically older?

Indeed, we have absolutely no idea how important and powerful is every single thought with an emotion attached to it for our body, its chemistry, our ever changing energy field, our vitality, and consequently our looks.

Especially those clusters of similar energy frequencies generated by those replaying thoughts and emotions of yesterday, last month, last year, or decade.

Gloomy Winter Days  -  Dry and Pale Complexion
Gloomy Winter Days - Dry and Pale Complexion

Good and Bad Moods of Your Skin

You must have heard about those unsightly warts being removed from skin by nothing but hypnotic suggestion; so here you have another hint about how skin keeps in touch our mind. Now listen to this one: apparently in our embryo cells of brain and those of skin start developing at the same time. Any connection later in life?

Look at the texture and complexion of your skin after making love. Don't pay attention to that somewhat moronic-relaxed expression, but focus on your skin, how supple and refreshed it looks just from that short emotional tune-up.

Here in Canada winters get harsh at times (if you live in Hawaii then the mildest winter here is "harsh" to you). The scientific rumor has it that that our skin "loses its moisture and elasticity to the dry air of winter". I don't share that opinion.

Namely, we are not talking here about "February blues" for nothing. Those stubbornly gloomy and short days and months, with people bundled up and frowning for the assault of the cold wind - affect the skin as mood gets affected. As the medical science would tell us, all kinds of skin conditions may result from emotional negativities.

Hectic Pace of Life Ages Us Prematurely
Hectic Pace of Life Ages Us Prematurely

Pace of Life and Aging of Face

Qigong master whose system I am practicing came from China to the United States with a boyish face which was a living evidence of health benefits from qigong exercises and meditation.

Then, in a matter of only a few years he lost much of his hair and his skin obviously aged a bit - due to a suddenly too busy schedule of his new career, constant challenges from skeptics and media, frequent travels and lecturing, producing DVD's in studio, and alike.

It was a completely different pace of life than he used to have in China, beside the fact that there he didn't have to defend or prove the effectiveness of qigong, which is in China like football is in America.

I noticed the same apparent contradiction between the looks and the lecturing material on several motivational speakers. Their busy and stressful careers left a mark of age on their faces, which was in a contrast with their highly positive views.

Some of them even died relatively young, like Leo Buscaglia and Fred Dyer, while Deepak Chopra is seen as wearing some thick glasses with a grey, although full hair. Even Dalai Lama is wearing glasses and shows his age despite all those years of meditation. Each of these gentlemen have had their own share of professional stress which put a shadow over their shiny intellectual positivism, also affecting their physical appearance.

Inner Beauty Reflects Itself on the Skin
Inner Beauty Reflects Itself on the Skin

We Are Authors of Our Mirror Story

Of course, there are some folks who don't really care much about their looks - or at least they would say so if asked. Apparently they are just letting themselves age gracefully to their very end - rather than be bothered by changing something in their attitudes, beliefs, and emotions, let alone replacing that morning coffee with a smoothie.

However, the rest of us just can't stay indifferent about the way we look. Every "symptom" of youthfulness feels good among those other symptoms that we usually take as an excuse to see our doctor. Such folks, after reading all this may look in the mirror and say something like: "Hey, it's so easy to guess my age - damn it!"


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 22 months ago from Canada

      Peter - Thank you for the nice comment. All the best. - Val

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 22 months ago from Sittingbourne

      Excellent article

      kind regards Peter

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 2 years ago from Canada

      Besarien - Your compassion for those carrots is telling a mountain about your noble heart. I would like to comment on your photo, but you might take it a wrong way. Anyway, are those pretty big eyes of a Latin origin?

      With your generous compliments and your non-intrusive faith you are showing all "symptoms" of an attitude that will keep that face pretty for a long, long time.

    • Besarien profile image

      Besarien 2 years ago

      I will take your word for the carrot experiment. Honestly, I don't have the heart to say mean things to them. I have no trouble believing our attitudes effect everything and everyone with whom we interact including our skin. I look at your picture and say if anyone knows how to hang on the youth, it is this guy. Thanks for the advice ValKaras!