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Ministry of Sound Pump It Up: the Ultimate Dance Workout

Updated on January 15, 2011

DVD Description:

"Pump it up is a brand new concept mixing clubbing dance moves with aerobic exercises to produce a fast, effective and hugely enjoyable way of getting fit and burning that unwanted fat.

Presented & choreographed by Deanne Berry and all the stars of the No. 1 Video for Eric Prydz “Call on Me”, the workout features a warm up section, 2 different levels of “dance workout” sections, a “Bums & Tums” section and a “Chill” section for an all-round workout to get you fit.

Backed by an exclusive soundtrack of 17 of the biggest club hits, there has never been a workout DVD that combines such a high quality workout with such a high quality soundtrack!"


Although the Ministry of Sound is perhaps more well-known as the famous dance club in London or for their music compilations, Ministry of Sound has also produced several other branded products. One of them is this workout DVD, which combines electro pop, groovy dance moves and standard exercises to produce a fun hour-long workout routine. This is a dance workout that is suitable for everybody. If you are a beginner looking to start your new year resolution of getting fit, the "Dance it Up" section will have your heart pumping and your body moving. For those looking for something a little advanced, the "Pump it Up!" section will definitely be challenging. And there is also the "Bums and Tums" section that targets most people's problem spots. Losing weight has never been this much fun!

Contents Breakdown:

The DVD can be broken down into five sections:

  • "Heat" - a 10 minute warm-up section
  • "Dance it Out" - a 20 minute dance section
  • "Pump it Up!" - a 20 minute cardio workout section
  • "Bums & Tums" - a 10 minute abdomen section
  • "Chill" - a 15 minute cool down section

If you have the time, you can run the whole workout from "Heat" to "Chill" is just over an hour. The sections are logically arranged to give you a great workout that you won't give up halfway through. "Heat" will warm up your muscles and get your heart pumping, ready for the workout that is coming ahead. "Dance it Out" is a fun, relatively easy section that encourages you to move your body and use muscles that you were never aware of before. For beginners, this is a great way to gain confidence and have fun while losing weight. "Pump it Up!" is the third section and really, the climax of the workout. It is a high aerobic workout routine that will suit those who are looking for a challenge. For beginners, this is a great goal to work up to. After the high cardio workout, you are then in for a "Bums & Tums" section that targets all your problem areas, getting rid of those "love handles" that nobody really likes.

But the best thing about the Ministry of Sound workout routine is that you can pick and choose the sections you want to do on any particular day. So if you are really short on time and just want to get a quick cardio workout routine, then you can jump straight to "Pump it Up!" after your warm-up. Or if you really want to reach your goal of a slimmer waist, then you could skip straight to the "Bums & Tums" section. Instead of going through the same boring workout from head to tail every single day, you can adjust your workout to whatever you felt like doing on that day. It's completely up to you!

Another bonus about the Ministry of Sound dance routine is that Deanna Berry is an excellent workout instructor. She gives you just enough instruction to follow their routine but never oversimplifies moves to make things easier for you. While that is a little bit challenging to start off with, once you've settled into the routine, you would be extremely grateful. Because months down the track, when you pop the DVD in for the hundredth time, you won't be bored to tears listening to her explaining moves that you already know down pat. This is great to help you stick to the routine and not get bored. So grab your copy of the Ministry of Sound Pump it Up DVD and start dancing your way to weight loss!

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