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Miracle Food Cures From The Bible

Updated on June 12, 2011

Miracle Food Cures From The Bible

I'm currently reading a book I've stumbled across called Miracle Food Cures From The Bible by Reece Dubin. I'm eternally interested in natural remedies, particularly such as those used in the time of Jesus, that have been passed down through the generations within families but largely forgotten about or lost globally.

I wasn't reading it initially to find a cure for a particular disease or medical condition, but rather like a fascinating textbook. I've barely gotten halfway but I'd like to share with you some of the "secrets" I've learned from this book so far.

These are some of my notes:


  • can relieve irritable bowel syndrome
  • can dissolve gallstones
  • helps arthritis
  • peppermint oil is a cure for headaches - just rub it on for relief in 15 minutes!
  • good for toothache relief
  • promotes menstruation
  • good for insomnia relief
  • helps bronchitis, colds and flus
  • acts as an anesthetic when applied to wounds, burns, scalds and stings

Did you know this?


  • for arthritis, rheumatism and heart disease
  • the sweet aroma of walnut wood from shavings has a relaxing, soothing effect - kind of like smoking marijuana!
  • rubbing a green or immature walnut (with some incisions in the shell) on warts and skin blemishes can make them disappear.
  • excellent for constipation
  • recommended for people with liver disorders (it is agreeable with patients, even though they cannot tolerate fat)

Burdock (root)

I'd never heard of burdock previously, but you could buy it in a tea form (see right). Drink it and use it as a skin wash externally as well.

  • active against HIV
  • for liver dysfunction, urinary tract disorders
  • good for weight loss!
  • good for a general detox
  • immune system stimulant
  • for eliminating many acute and chronic skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne etc)
  • (not for pregnant women)



Dandelion was one of the 7 bitter herbs used at Passover.

  • great for liver and gall bladder problems
  • cure for hepatitis
  • good to help pass a kidney stone
  • for osteoporosis to strengthen bones
  • gets rid of varicose veins
  • treats breast problems
  • dandelion coffee can have the same effect as normal coffee without the harmful side effects!

Some Miracle Remedies For Common Conditions

Aging - eat herring (rich source of selenium)

Baldness - to stimulate hair growth, rosemary is used externally. Algerians use olive leaves for baldness.

Diabetes - olive oil, dandelion root, watercress, parsley, Essiac Tea (see below) and more

Gout - celery lowers uric acid (works just as well as Zyloprim). Also try rosemary sprigs soaked in wine for 3-4 days, then apply to the gout affect areas.

Epilepsy - roots of white dittany (powdered and steeped in boiling water). Also Vitamin E.

Impotence - fava beans is like a natural Viagra, encouraging strong, healthy erections in men.

Insomnia - eat lettuce last thing at night.

Parkinson's Disease - fava beans are a good source of L-dopa needed to create dopamine in the brain to control the trembling.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Watercress!

Tuberculosis - Watercress!

A Cure For Cancer?

In this book are strong testimonials from people, including medical professionals, who have observed the work of a nurse, Rene Caisse, with Essiac Tea as a remedy for cancer patients. In otherwise hopeless cases, patients have recovered and lived many years after being treated by Caisse.

Miracle Food Cures From The Bible is clear in that it does not suggest this is a cure for cancer given there has not been definitive scientific evidence (for some reason) but it has certainly helped and healed many individuals. There have also been reports that it has cured diabetes.

A recipe for making this tea is provided with very specific instructions on how to make it and store it, along with recommended dosages. There is a "turning point" reported by patients in that tumors appear to enlarge slightly then harden before pus or a fleshy substance is discharged from the body.

There are some products labelled as Essiac Tea but it is not clear whether the preparation is as listed in this book. Burdock (above) is one of the four ingredients used to prepare Essiac Tea.

Always Exercise Caution

It's only sensible that one should exercise caution before taking on board some of the suggestions of this book. However given that the base items are usually naturally occurring and used (sometimes blindly) in times when perhaps the medical understanding we have today had not been available certainly peaks the interest and warrants further investigation!

I've only scratched the surface of learning the secrets found in this book... if I waited to write this hub after I'd finished reading it, it would have probably been much more exciting - but look at what I've learned from only a few chapters!!

Have Some Miracle Cures Worked For You?

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    • Demetry profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      So much to learn, so little time!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I always believe in bible and now after reading your hub my belief has become more stronger as the things written in bible can cure dangerous non-curable disease cancer.

    • HerbalMarvel profile image


      7 years ago from London

      You missed out Hyssop herb (easy to do as I only found it when hunting something else - and I only know as I just wrote a hub on it!).

      Was considered something of a sacred herb


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