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Miracle Healings

Updated on August 29, 2010

Your faith can heal


Healing by Faith

For the past thirty years I have studied the subject of miracles. Miracles are events or activities that occur beyond the knowledge or realm of medical or scientific understanding. In other words it is an action that happens in response to a need or a strong desire that appears to be impossible. There are millions of people who are currently in need of miracles. In most cases they will not receive one. The main reason is they don't know that it is possible. For hundreds of years doctors have given patients the horrible news that they have an incurable situation. Patients blindly accept the diagnosis or medical opinion as fact and then proceed to use heavy medications or prepare for the worse. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing doctors or hospitals who have helped countless people recover to full health. What I am saying is, every case that they diagnose as incurable may not necessarily be a fact. Since most people don't investigate alternative medical treatments they are at the mercy of the fatal suggestions of their diagnosis. Hence millions of people are dying who could have had a one hundred percent recovery. Occasionally there are stories in the news about people who have had the same fatal reports from doctors but for some reason they refused to accept it. Through faith and sheer determination those people have been cured. In fact, there are thousands of case histories from writers like Dr. P.P. Quimby, Emile Coue', Fredrick Bailes, Charles Baudouin, Arnold Furst, Albert Moll, Edward B. Warman, Joseph Murphy, and Dr. Thomson Jay Hudson who have witnessed incredible healings, not to mention the countless holymen, shaman, authentic gurus, and healers from religions and various metaphysical and New Thought Movements. The world of miraculous healings is indeed very vast. From Christians to Buddhist and from nearly every religion that has ever existed there are numerous reports of healings. Since this is a fact throughout history, I would strongly suggest that people who are experiencing health issues, not be so quick to write themselves off. I say this because I personally have overcome health issues by studying the writings of the authors mentioned above and by certain affirmation techniques. I would certainly be the first to admit that it takes focused determination and strong belief in a positive outcome. Can everybody be cured? I would say at the present time more people can be cured than we think. At this point it is difficult to say what is impossible. There are so many factors involved that no one can say that a certain situation is incurable. Obviously it would be wise to follow recommended medical treatments but if a person has tried everything and nothing has seemed to work then it would be wise to seek alternatives.


Throughout history people have called on a mysterious power when faced with dire circumstances. A realization that after trying various medical treatments, they had nothing to lose is usually the state of mind that prompts the decision. Since there are various methods available for using this power, I would suggest the following. The first step is to read about people who have been cured. This opens the mind to the possibility. Next, read about alternative healing methods such as affirmations, visualization, prayer, faith, religions, autosuggestions, the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy and other methods that are too numerous to mention here. The attitude that must be maintained is, "its not over until its over". And we must remember, if anyone has ever received a miracle or healed a certain health issue, there is a possibility for somebody else to do the same.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      miracle healing also depends on prayers and confidence