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Miracle Me

Updated on July 30, 2015

Did you know that our existence itself is a miracle !! From 'point zero' when we were just cells until now, the full formed human everything about us is a miracle.

This hub is In accordance to a series of article on 'Plant Good Thoughts' where the purpose of this article is to procreate positive thoughts. Focus of thought in this article is to learn and accept everything about our human existence as miracle.

Unrealized, we have conquered many things, we have moved from one stage to another successfully. Every one of us is a successful person.

Feelings are very disturbing, we always look and think of the pains, well of course pain leaves scars, Here, I am not telling to forget our pain because at times it is the fuel that burns our being, but instead plant good thoughts as it will attract good positive vibrations .So lets start by looking at the 'Miracle that is You'.

Look at all those hurdles and bumps that we jumped over from the beginning of our life some consciously and most unconsciously . Lets just divert our thoughts at most times to make the balance between positive vibrations and negative vibrations

I will start with some common miracles in life, and you can add on to it to make your list longer and you being appreciative of your miracle life can magnetize all the positive vibrations.


Each of us were just a single cell fertilizing another single cell to form an embryo that grows into multiple cells that start forming every system that is required into being a human. The various tissues, organs, and systems of the body are miraculous. From the cardiovascular system, digestive and renal system, muscular system, nervous system, reproductive system, sensory system and skeletal system.

Every cell of the physical body is a wondrous universe unto itself. So from the beginning .. we have been a Miracle !! And we successfully grew from one stage to another .. What a miracle !!

Beauty of Human Brain

Brain controls every part and action of us being 'US'. It is like a command center for the whole system. There are approximately 100 billion neurons in our brain and it connects and coordinates every action from walking, sitting, talking, eating and more.

Probably most of us did not know that the neurons generates enough electricity to light a low watt bulb. So many messages pass through from the brain to other parts of our body.

The amazing thing is, it works 24 hours even while we are sleeping. It started the day we were born and will only stop at the end of our life.

What a miracle !! Our brain starts absorbing and learning everything happening and everything thought to us. From the 'Gu Gu Ga Ga, Baby language' we start developing speech skills. Like a computer system, our brain organizes and establishes groups and files of everything learned.

So we are successful from the beginning of life, our miracle brain has made us translate everything we hear into words and sentences which has meaning. Putting words to pictures or images.


They are another miracle in our life. We never choose our parents, our siblings or our relatives. We have our own families and the extended family of our partner. In future we will have our children married of adding more extended family and grand children's. Isn't that miracle. From being One person we have so many people being attached to us.

Out of the family contexts we have our friends and we will meet up with their friends. We will start having so many acquaintances from one friend, adding more friends and friends of friends

You may ask what is 'miracle' about family and friends, well for me the miracle is we start learning to love, share, care .. and the list goes on and on .. So many emotions and feelings that we start exploring from the young age . Find below the list of so many types of emotions that we have and I will stress that we started feeling them with our family and friends.

In another of my hub Today's Gift I have also explored on appreciation of family and friends.

List of Emotion and Feelings

List of Emotions and Feelings

From the list we can note that there are many positive and negative feelings that we discovered through our life. During the times of emotional pain, we may have realised that our family and close friends have always been there to support us and help us through those painful moments . Is it not a miracle ?

In some situations like Chronic Sickness, it is definitely a challenging time for us and our family or friends. And yet they will be there to support us, to listen to our vents and share our pain. That is the miracle of family and friends, they will help us to cope up with the hurdles that we may not be able to cross alone.

Everyone that is put onto our path are there for a purpose, that is Miracle !!

Gift of Senses

By being alive we are able to explore the gift of senses like sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

Sight -- we are looking at the amazing world

Smell -- those wonderful aroma

Taste -- The flavors of food

Touch -- When someone or something touches you or you touch them

Hear -- Listening to those beautiful sound of nature and human created music

A fellow hubber have explored on the senses in more detail

If we do not find our senses as amazing, well we should start exploring the life of those who are without them, especially the blind and deaf. The senses are so amazing that they can combine to give us a fuller experience.

Lets just explore some senses here

  • Smell of roses
  • Taste of our favorite food
  • Stroking our pet
  • Listening to music and songs

We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves.

— Thomas Aquinas

Believe in our self and our achievements

Every human should realize that from the day we were born we have successfully crossed many milestones . Believe that you are worthy and you are capable person, Believe that we have consciously or unconsciously achieved many things in life.

If you have been having trouble to be positive and start thinking positive, this would be the best way to cultivate towards a happy world !! Every now and then, when we feel down or like a failure just take a moment and think of the miracle of who we are.

Start today to rediscover our 'Success Stories'. Keep motivating ourselves by looking at the long journey we have taken from the day we were born or even when we were only cells in our mothers womb.

We are Amazing !! We are Miracle !! We are successful being !!


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