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Miranda Kerr's Diet

Updated on February 7, 2012

Miranda Kerr

We all know who Miranda is. Wife of Orlando Bloom, Victoria's Secret Angel, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Just two months after giving birth, Miranda showed off her kicking body, already slim, and to many people, looking better than ever.

So what's her secret? How does she maintain such a beautiful and lean body?

Tips from Miranda

  • Coconut Oil

"I couldn't go a single day without it," gushed Miranda. Coconut oil is claimed to be extremely beneficial to the hair and skin, and Miranda credits her silky locks and blemish-free skin to coconut oil. Miranda eats 4 tablespoons a day, either drizzled on top of salads or mixed in with her green tea. However, don't go to the supermarket and buy it right away. There is no known evidence supporting whether or not coconut oil is good for weight loss, and over consumption of this oil can lead to various diseases.

Leaving a healthy food store with a green smoothie in hand.

  • Healthy Diet

Miranda eats an extremely healthful diet. A typical day would start with some green juice, then a smoothie filled with chia seeds, bee pollen (not advised for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding), kale, and coconut water. After about an hour or so, Miranda will have some oatmeal or whatever she feels like. Lunch would consist of a sweet potato and a salad, or perhaps steamed fish and some veggies with almonds or almond butter. Dinner consists of lean chicken with steamed vegetables. Even while pregnant, Miranda always chose organic and ate healthily whenever possible. She did not use pregnancy as an excuse to gorge on chocolate. Additionally, Miranda eats many high alkaline foods and follows the blood type diet (she is type A).

  • Exercise

Miranda's daily workouts consist of yoga, light jogging, and light resistance training. Miranda loves yoga, and she is frequently seen exiting the Beverly Hills gym with her husband, Orlando Bloom. While pregnant, Miranda practiced yoga as well.


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