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My Experience: Mirena IUD Birth Control

Updated on May 28, 2012

My Name is Stephanie. That's me in the picture on the right. I made the choice to use the Mirena IUD as my method of birth control back in June of '07. I researched everything about the Mirena birth control except actual mirena experience. Perhaps if I had I may not have chose to get the Mirena birth control due to all of the Mirena side effects there seem to be but nonetheless, I do not regret my choice.

I chose the Mirena IUC birth control because I am terrible at remembering to take medications. I wanted a no fuss, no work birth controlthat would allow me the security of knowing that for the next 5 years unless I decide otherwise, I will not be having any more children. I didn't want anything permanent but I do want the option to have children later on if I choose to do so.

IUD Birth Control

Mirena IUD Birth Control
Mirena IUD Birth Control

What is the Mirena IUC?

The Mirena IUC is an estrogen-free intrauterine contraceptive device that is 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy. The small contraceptive device is inserted by your doctor into the the vagina, passed the cervix and implanted in the uterus. The Mirena IUD is a T-shaped plastic device that slowly releases small amounts of the hormone Levonorgestrel. It works by:

  • Block sperm from reaching or fertilizing your egg
  • Make the lining of your uterus thin (this may also result in benefits like less menstrual bleeding over time)
  • Stop the release of your egg from your ovary (but this is not the way it works in most cases)

Mirena IUD
Mirena IUD

The 2 Month Mirena Spotting Period

Imagine your longest normal period. 7 days? 8? Now imagine having a period for almost 2 months and with constant cramping. I have never really had intense cramping during my periods, but during this 2 month period, there were many moments when all I wanted to do was lay down against the side of the couch.

MY Mirena Experience: Getting The Mirena IUC

The day I went to have the IUC inserted I had no idea what I was in for. I have dealt with some pretty serious physically painful experiences but this definitely found it self up near the top of the "Sh** that's painful" list. Put this one up for my first Mirena side effect Now, the Mirena Website says the following in their faq:

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Some women may experience some discomfort while Mirena is being placed. Uterine cramps, which feel like menstrual cramps, and dizziness may also occur, but typically disappear within a day or two. Notify your healthcare professional if pain and other symptoms persist.

The registered nurse at my doctors office was a wee bit more accurate and told me "some women say it just feels mildy uncomfortable, others will grip the table and scream" Which one do you think I was? I learned that day from my mirena experience that I am a gripper and a screamer. The nurses at the nurses station just outside my room, also learned this that same day.

It hurt, it was painful, and I was cramped up for hours afterwards. I could not tell you what the pain was, but I do remember saying the same thing I said during the 13 hours the doctors tried to induce my labor. They had incorrectly inserted the inducement medication causing the most extremely uncomfortable feeling I've ever had. My catch phrase? "I am never doing this ever again" Of course, in about 4 years one of these will happen again. Time will tell which one wins out.

I Am Happy With Mirena

After the 2 months of heavy spotting, my periods disappeared. Only once a few months later did I have any sign of a period and that was just some light spotting caused by a medication I was on. I terminated the medication for other reasons, and the spotting went away again.

Other then that, thanks to my Mirena birth control, my period is non-existent. I consider this Mirena side effects to be a good one. I never have any cramping anymore, and I rarely even think about my IUD contraceptive. I've heard some stories from women very unhappy with their IUD's and say they experience many Mirena side effects. Me, not so much. The first 2 months were an inconvenience, but I don't regret my decision to get the Mirena IUD contraceptive.

However, with that said, I hesitate to recommend the Mirena IUD birth control device to my friends. If you have serious trouble remembering to take your birth control, then yes consider Mirena for your contraceptive needs. If you can remember you birth control, do the research before you opt for this method

Mirena And Weight Gain

Have You Experienced Weight Gain With Mirena?

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Mirena Weight Gain

The Mirena site makes it very clear that "Won't cause significant Mirena weight gain". Significant must be subjective. Over the past 2 years, my total Mirena weight gain has been 25+lbs.. This most likely is also due to some stress experienced this past year, but I do beleive Mirena Weight gain plays a key role.

Mirena and Sex

I was lucky to have an understanding and patient boyfriend while going through this process with getting used to the Mirena IUD. More then once we had to stop because he could actually feel the plastic strings of the Mirena coming through my cervix during sex.

The Mirena strings are in place for removal and HAVE to be there, but they didn't have to be that long. The same registered nurse was able to cut them a little small and curl the ends. Only twice since then has he ever made comments about them.

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    • profile image

      Alison 5 years ago

      I have had the Mirena for about 3 years. The first year was tough - irregular periods, moodiness, some weight gain - but after that it has been smooth sailing. I can't even remember the last time I had a period. I still get the monthly breast tenderness, bloated feeling but it usually lasts a couple of days and then passes. I loved not having to worry about pills. I must say though, for less money the copper IUD worked just as well. No periods were great. I'm getting it removed in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to getting pregnant. Best part is I can start trying right away.

    • profile image

      missy 5 years ago

      Hello all! So I've had the mirena now going on a couple weeks. During my initial visit to the doctor, he explained to me, considering i had never had a baby that it would be "very painful, but nothing i couldn't handle". So the day of the exam i went in with confidence thinking it would feel a little more like a pap! For the first minute, granted it did! Then... It was just the most terrible pain I've ever felt!!! He was having a hard time pushing it thru my uterus. When he finally pushed it thru was when i could hardlybare the pain. He then numbed the uterus with a gel, and the placement of the iud i couldn't even feel! I have had very minor cramping and bleeding. As he told me it would be much worse. So i just want to say, it's been worth it would(with the exception of a little grumpiness), but the insertion isn't the best! So good luck to all of you ladies considering it! I would recommend it if you think pain is worth not having kids/more kids just yet! :-)

    • profile image

      lindsey 5 years ago

      the first time i had it i didn't gain any weight but i couldn't really lose amy either this time i have gained 20.lbs in 3 Months

    • profile image

      Amber Carr 5 years ago

      I'm 25 years old with no children and I have mirena. I absolutely love it. The pill gave me acne, weight gain, mood swings, and nausea. The Nuva ring gave me blood clots. Mirena has been a dream.

      Insertion was no worse than a bad period cramp (again, I've never had kids and it didn't hurt that bad) and I spotted for a few days. No biggie

      I've had oily skin and acne my whole life but am able to control it. Mirena has not affected it. My skin is the same. I work out every day and have even been losing weight. So Mirena has not made me gain weight.

      I just want to be a positive voice out there for Mirena. Before I got it I read boards like these and it almost discouraged me from getting it. Thankfully it didn't because it's been the best birth control I've ever used

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      I got my mirena inserted two weeks ago, after being on bcp for nearly 15 years and devoloping chloasma. Also because I had heavy menstrual bleeding. Insertion was not pleasant, was done with local by a Obgyn. That was the worst part. Truly fit and forget!

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago

      i have only gained weight, have been moody and stressed all the time, now i had it taken out and bleading like after a baby... i would not do this again.

    • profile image

      Kita Johnson 5 years ago

      I been on the IUD every 04-20-07 my 5years all most up i been have issues with IUD with my IUD every since i got the IUD my string come out & I wanna say 2009 than I had to get a ultarsound 02-2010 that take three hours they had to put it up and me because they couldnt found the string through my staomch but all my pregrant tests come back - but when I want to the Doctor today he said that I need another ultarsound because he said my uteius is & enlaged & missing IDU string so he really dont know what it is or whats going on I just dont know what to think is it a baby or sum promble with me PRAY FOR ME..... OR IT COULD BE A IUD

    • profile image

      Caron Thompson 5 years ago

      I didnt find insertion sore at all ( gentle gyne?) After a few days of lower back pain and a bit of spotting my heavy periods didnt return! Tomorrow my Mirena is being removed.... will keep you posted!

    • profile image

      tasha 5 years ago

      does the mirena loose some of the effectiveness the closser to the time it needs replaced?

    • profile image

      JM 5 years ago

      I had every side effect possible from the mirena- after 3 years I decided to have it out- incontinence 20+pounds weight gain- hot flashes- night sweats- depression extreme anxiety finally I had it out to see if this was the problem- its been 2 weeks and finally I feel somewhat normal. I even had bladder surgery! Nobody could figure out whats wrong with me. My mom was the one that noticed all the changes and told me for 2 years that this is what it was - She was right!

    • profile image

      Ellen 5 years ago

      I'm on my third Mirena iud and I swear by it, sure it's uncomfortable to have it taken out and put back in but it has been a real relief to have it. I used to have immensely painful periods and very heave and irregular, sometimes twice a month, sometimes for over two weeks straight. Ever since I got my Mirena I've been doing great. I have, however, gained +20 lb weight, I'm not sure if that is the cause but since it was remarked here that there could be weight gain I wanted to post it. My strings were cut shorter as well and my husband doesn't feel it at all. Getting no. 5 today, not looking forward to it but I'll be really happy when it's done.

    • profile image

      Mkj 5 years ago

      I experience migraines since having mirena placed 8 months ago. I used to never get headaches, but experience them randomly now...and they are bad. I have also not been able to lose the baby weight. With my first child, I was back in my old jeans six months after having him. I used oral birth control. This time after my second child, I have Mirena and am no where near fitting in my jeans. (8 months later). It is nice to have the peace of mind that I have 5 years of 99.9% effective birth control... I just wish I could lose the weight and not have migraines!

    • profile image

      stella 5 years ago

      i do not recommend mirena it all, it was painful, after a year still bloding, (heavy), i gain 10 pounds, dark spots on my face and a terrible pain on my legs every day. NO RECOMENDED>

    • profile image

      Ashton 5 years ago

      I had my iud put in June 2011, and I love it, so far. I don't enjoy the weight gain but you got to take the good with the bad. I was put on the birth control YAZ, bad idea I know suffer from a heart problem caused by Yaz, so the pill wasn't a choice for me. I went with the mirena IUD , I have now had it for about 5 months. When They put it in it was not that painful because I was in labor for 26 hrs. I had my period the first 2 months and now I spot every now and again which is great for me. It may not work for everybody but it works for me!

    • profile image

      nickxx 5 years ago

      I love Mirena! I've used it for the past 5 years and just had it replaced. yeah I had some cramping but I took 2 Advil's and within 2 hours I was fine. It is great not to have to plan around your period when going on vacation or doing anything or wearing anything. I guess everyone is different but have recommended it to my friends and family and they love it too.

    • profile image

      Shalonde 5 years ago

      Ive only had mine in for a few days now and u guys are freaking me out! The insertion was no real pain I was actually fine shortly thereafter. Had a few cramps here and there but so far im fine. If anything change I will e sure to report back

    • profile image

      mzlebeuf5 5 years ago

      the insertion wasnt painful at all just a little slight cramping and that was it but my period has been on for like 7 weeks now and im so moody i cant wait until my cycle goes off its becoming irritating

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I love my mirena. I have had absoultley no issues with it and I reccomend it to everyone!

    • profile image

      Lexy 5 years ago

      I had my mirena put in after i had my son in 2009 my pre preg weight was 135 i went upto 180 after having him i went down to about 155-160 right away. I got the mirena put in two months after having him and immediately started to gain now two years later i have gone back to my pregnancy weight of 180 lbs i workout regularly i eat super healthy i have a toddler and i still have all this weight on me that wont budge just keeps going up. I am getting this thing out asap i have had enough!!

    • profile image

      Tiffany 5 years ago

      I got mirena about a week ago and I have got to say that having it put in was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I had terrible cramps for the first 4 days and minor spotting. Sex was semi painful and my boyfriend finds the "guitar like" strings very painful. I am debating on getting the our taken out and am constantly worrying about it getting lost.

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