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Mission Statements – Stay Inspired

Updated on April 22, 2015

Mission Statements – Stay Inspired

A mission statement comprises a short phrase that forms an overview of the guiding principles and core priorities of your life. It gives an opportunity to establish what is important to you and enhances your goal setting, decision-making and time management processes.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, employee or a homemaker - somewhere along the way you would want to know the real reason for your existence. A mission statement is a powerful tool that declares your purpose in life. It describes your desired future.

Once you have your purpose defined, it becomes easier to focus and helps you create the life you want. You can have just one mission statement or have different ones for the different areas in your life such as career, health, finance, relationships and so on.

A mission statement is something, which:

  • Inspires you to act - Your mission statement should be action oriented. It should comprise action verbs that reflect your passions.
  • Expresses the central theme of your life - The statement should aim to express the core values in a positive way.
  • Is simple to follow - Your mission statement does not have to be something difficult or grand. Living it on an everyday basis as you go about your regular tasks should be easy yet deep and powerful.
  • Empowers you - Your mission statement should fill you with confidence and energy when you say it. It should guide you along in your life’s journey.
  • Is crisp - Your mission statement should be short and simple, not more than around ten words in length and something that you can say from memory without having to look it up.
  • Is broad – A mission statement is not specific and does not have deadlines. It is about your journey and is not something to be achieved or completed. If it is something to be fulfilled, than it is more of a goal or task.
  • Is open to revision - Your mission statement is likely to evolve over time as you become clearer about your objectives. Review it periodically and ensure that your goals are in alignment with the same.

Take out some time to reflect on your life purpose, as you understand it at this point of time in your life. Look at the broader perspective and ask yourself questions like, "Who am I?" "What do I want in life?" "What are my dreams and desires?" "What is my purpose of life?" and so on. Outlining your purpose is a motivating and stimulating exercise, which awakens you to what you truly wish to achieve and helps you lead your dream life. Create your mission statement today and empower your life!


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    • BigBlue54 profile image

      BigBlue54 2 years ago from Hull, East Yorkshire

      I thought mission statement went years ago. Too many companies filled them with meaningless platitudes. I must admit I cannot remember the last time I read one.

      Having said that, and not wishing to come over negative, if it works for you then go for it.