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Mistakes At The Gym - 16 Exercise Mistakes You Should Avoid

Updated on June 13, 2013
Six Pack Abs
Six Pack Abs | Source

Are you going to the gym regularly? still not seeing the desired results? Tempted to drop out?

Maybe the problem isn't the exercise itself but the way you're exercising.This can happen due to some crucial errors on the execution of your workout routine, Here is a list of the most common exercise errors people make at the gym.

Mistake #1

Low Intensity Workouts

Going to the gym and not putting in an effort will not bring you any closer to that perfect body you want. Merely going to the gym won’t help you burn fat, You need to constantly challenge yourself, Give your 100% on every workout. Try doing different exercises and super-sets if you lack intensity in your workout.

Mistake #2

Don’t Ignore Your Legs

Working-out only for your upper body and leaving your legs behind is a big NO. It is ridiculous to see a body builder who has strong huge upper body and small legs, working out for your thighs, calf and legs are just as important as working-out for your upper body.

Mistake #3

Rushing Through Sets

Don’t be in a hurry to get out of the gym. Every exercise you perform, requires your full concentration and perfect form to really get your muscles working. Don’t get distracted in-between sets and hurry through them, take enough time between sets to rest, be mentally and physically prepared for the next set.

Mistake #4


Working-out with a partner or a friend can make your time at the gym more fun and make your workouts last longer but too much socializing will do no good. Your first priority must be to exercise everything else comes after that. Try not to indulge in chit-chat in-between sets as this may distract you and lose intensity in your workout.

Mistake #5

Lifting Too Much Or Too Little Weights

Lifting weights that puts your body through hell will only injure you, lifting weights that force you to cheat/swing at the very beginning of every set may cause injury. Select weights that you are comfortable with, at the same time select weights that challenge you. If you are trying to gain muscle mass do not waste your time with light weights. If you can do more than 15 repetitions for a given exercise, you should increase the weight. Do not use weights that are too heavy, though.


Mistake #6

Obsession With Biceps

Many body-building magazines, actors and photos like these >>

Make us believe that biceps are the biggest muscle in the body. Overtraining biceps is a very common mistake made by beginners. Biceps are a very small muscle group when compared to triceps and other muscles. Over training the biceps can revert the effect of your training and may decrease bicep muscle mass. Advanced body builders spend less than 10 percent of their time on biceps; do not get obsessed with different types of bicep curls.

  • Do not train your biceps more than twice a week.(ideally giving 3-4 days rest in-between workouts)
  • For gaining muscle mass stick to low reps (8-12).
  • If you are a beginner try not to exceed 6-8 sets per workout.
  • Perfect form is crucial in building bicep muscle mass (do not cheat or swing till the end of a set)

Mistake #7

Cheating/Swinging/Jerking Too Early

While it may be difficult to maintain proper form throughout a workout routine, cheating too early can do no good. Maintaining proper form is crucial in any workout routine, do not start swinging/cheating till the very end of a set.

Mistake #8

Lack Of Proper Technique And Improper Form

Every exercise you perform requires the use of proper technique and form to get the desired result. Before performing a new exercise learn the proper technique to do the exercise from your trainer or by doing some research online, improper technique leads to injury and overstraining.

Mistake #9

Don’t Forget To Warm Up

Warming up before a workout is very important because you are preparing your body for some serious training. By doing exercises like push-ups pull-ups, chin-ups etc. you prepare your body for the difficult exercises that you are about to do. Stretching and warming up relaxes the muscles and prevents injuries. 5-10 minutes of warm up exercises which include breathing exercises will help improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles.

Mistake #10

Doing Only Cardio

Losing weight and being in shape cannot be achieved by doing cardio alone. Along with cardio exercises, lifting weights and doing compound exercises will help lose body fat faster. Exercises like squats, crunches etc can help reduce body fat quicker.

The key to weight loss lies 70% on your diet and 30% on exercising, If you are trying to lose body fat maintain a proper diet and do 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio four or five days a week.

Mistake #11

Make Training Plans Even Month

Many people do not realize why their growth stops, even if they work hard really hard. Over time, you need to change your workout plan, because if you do the same routine over and over your body will gradually get used to the routine and muscle growth stops. You should change your workout routine every month or two. Keeping your muscles in a state of confusion will improve muscle mass and strength drastically, don’t stick to the same routine keep mixing different exercises in your routine.

Muscular Fit Man
Muscular Fit Man | Source

Mistake #12

Too Many Workouts

After an intense 8 week or 10 week workout, you need some rest to completely recover your body from all the training. Take a week off as reward for all the hard work you've been doing. By taking a week off, you give your body enough time to recover after the hard pounding it got the past weeks. Give your body enough time to rest, training with a tired or fatigued body may decrease your hard earned muscle mass.

Mistake #13

Random Exercises

Some beginners at the gym randomly do single set exercises for different body parts. It is advised to workout for one or two body parts on a given day. Randomly working out for different body parts may take forever to see results. When you work out for a body part do at-least 4 sets of an exercise.

Mistake #14

Set A Specific Goal

Why do you train? What is your goal? Where do you want to be, from the standpoint of muscle development, within six months, one year or three years? It is very important to set your goals before going to the gym. Make short teem and long term goals as well.

Muscular Fit Man
Muscular Fit Man | Source

Mistake #15

Sticking To The Same Weight Circuit

Do not stick to the same weights, you should increase the weights at-least once or twice in a month, once your muscles get adapted to a certain weight, it may take forever to see results with the same weight circuit. You need to keep challenging your muscles too see quick results.

Mistake #16

Inappropriate Workout Clothes

Today's sports fashion offers many possibilities. Clothes you wear to the gym should allow free movement of every body part, sweat absorbent materials should be chosen. Wear clothes that are comfortable, do not wear tight clothes that restrict your movement no matter how good they look on you.

Keep Motivated

Before every workout session, motivate yourself. Picture your wearing that new bikini you just bought; picture yourself with rock hard six pack abs, do whatever it takes to motivate yourself. Motivate yourself to run faster, train harder and eat better.

Motivation - Pain Is Temporary


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