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Mitch Gaylord 3 Day Melt It Off As Seen On TV G Ball

Updated on June 24, 2010

Mitch's Melt it Off Workout As Seen On TV G Ball Workout

I woke up this morning expecting to see the Meaningful Beauty make up infomercial but instead was surprised to see a brand new infomercial on tv.  Melt it off with Mitch.  The show features famous Gymnast Mitch Gaylord who if anyone was a Gymnast as a kid would remember.  He is like the male Mary Lou Retton. 

Melt it off with Mitch has Mitch talking about how he never lifted weights to lose weight when he was a professional gymnast.  Instead he talks about how by working his core and using things like the light weight 2lb G Ball that he features in the Melt it off with Mitch infomercial and how by using it and taking care of yourself and by following the workout routine that comes with the kit, you can also start to lose weight. 

The melt it off with Mitch infomercial does some things that I like that are a bit different than other weight loss infomercials.  It has the standard testimonials from people who lost weight, but this one woman who lost something like 50 pounds started as a non believer, just like every other show, but the way she talked really got me to believe her story.  

She mentioned seeing some results with the Melt it off with Mitch workout As Seen On TV and then because of the results she felt she could keep going.  I'm not sure what it was but something about her testimonial really stuck with me.  I actually believe her which is very rare that you hear me say that about a weight loss infomercial product.  The other thing I really liked is that the Mitch Gaylord Infomercial actually has Mitch Gaylord talking about his Melt It Off With Mitch weight loss system almost the entire time.  

Normally they have a second host that handles most of the talking but in this one they actually let Mitch handle the show on his own.  He walks you through how he used to train, what kept him thin (I actually think it was excessive exercise and the fact that gymnastics is one of the most muscle demanding and toning sports) and explains so it becomes relevant for you and so you can do it at home with Mitch's G Ball Workout and yes As Seen On TV. 

I probably won't order this one but if I needed to buy another workout system then this would possibly make it to the top of my list because instead of having to have a ton of machines or having to lay down on the ground or run all over my neighborhood yelling phrases and slogans, I could do it right in my own home and I think I may even be able to sneak some of the workout on my couch in front of the TV.  If it was Winter then I would probably want to buy the Melt it off with Mitch G Ball workout, but since it is Summer I'm looking for ones that can let me go outside and enjoy the sun. 

If you've tried the 3 day melt Melt it off with Mitch G Ball workout, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how it is.  I am still tempted to buy 3 day melt Melt it off with Mitch workout from the As Seen On TV Infomercial but may "weight" until Winter to order it.  If you have ordered 3 day melt with Mitch Gaylord and the G Ball workout As Seen On TV, let me know as it'd be nice to have a couple of reviews before I buy. 

3 Day Melt it off with Mitch Infomercial


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