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Mobile phones addiction, are you a cell phone addict

Updated on October 12, 2010

cell phone addiction

We are in the twenty first century, and come with the mobile phone revolution.  In early 90s when mobile phones were for the few nobody knew they would ever have these mobile phone gadgets. The sizes were very big like police man walk talkie. As the mobile industry grows and become more vibrant in the world today, it has brought with it the bad behaviors or the mobile addiction syndrome. In early 90 it was normal not to have a mobile phone and it was seen as a waste of money or the preserved for the rich, it was at the pleasure of those who could afford it

As the mobile phones become more accessible and cheap, people are not considering the addiction and bad behavior has brought. Some of the mobile phone addictions varies from good to bad, some of the bad mobile phone addiction includes,

·         Excusing yourself from a meeting to receive a call, please when in a meeting you should be concentrating with the discussion, if somebody wants to get in touch with you, they will do that even if you don’t pick your mobile phone

·         Receiving cell phone calls in toilet – this is the worst addiction this gadget has come with, people will receive their phone calls regardless whether they are in the safe room, now to ask who is important here, the person calling or the person being called.

·         Lying – The biggest and the most dangerous behavior brought by mobile phone is the ease at which people are lying to each other,  this normally happens when people avoid meetings, and would lie to you that he is very far away

·          Receiving phone call when you are suppose to be doing something else, this normally waste people’s time and is sign of poor time management

·         People are using mobile phone to cone people, trap people, lure people

·         With mobile phone one has the ability to forgo lunch just to buy airtime to talk, not to communicate

These trends are still increasing and the worst would be when one will be able to kill somebody through this gadget, which is not far away, remember not to forget all the above addiction and find out which one best suit you.

Please when using your mobile phone, do not talk, but communicate


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