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Mobile telephones, base station antennas: How much do they affect our health?

Updated on December 12, 2010

Electromagnetic fields and our health

Mobile phones are equipped with antennas that emit and accept electromagnetic radiation. When talking on the phone, your voice is converted into radio waves.

Radio waves carry energy and information, travel at the speed of light so as to meet the nearest mobile base station. When the base station antenna receives the electromagnetic signal transferred to the phone network and send the original message in a similar way to its destination.

Mobile phones have spread and continue to spread worldwide at a very fast pace. Users of all ages abound. More and more children, even very young age now have mobile phones.

Parallel multiply and mobile phone base stations. The antennas of base stations required to operate the GSM system which is currently based mobile network. The greater the number of mobile phones as more base stations are needed.

Understandably this new situation creates concern everywhere in the world. Indeed we all know that mobile phones based on electromagnetic radiation. Fields indicated, causing fears that it might have adverse effects on human health.

It is understood that every time you talk about radiation, created feelings of anxiety. This is no coincidence that the electromagnetic waves emission is combined with radiation or x-ray because they have certainly very negative impact on our health.

But radiation from mobile phones and base station antenna is much lower frequency and energy compared to ionizing radiation high-frequency and high energy that characterizes the X-rays, gamma rays and radioactive radiation.

The radiation we receive from the antennas is much smaller than the radiation we receive when speaking with the phone attached to the ear. Therefore it is recommended to use special earphones hands free sets.

However, in both cases, the radiation is too low to have adverse health effects and remains well below international standards recommended by relevant recognized organizations(ICNIRP). In addition these standards are very strict, giving a large safety margin.

The frequencies of mobile phones and base stations range from 800 MHz to 2.000 MHz. These are non-ionizing radiation has low energy. It can not cause ionization or DNA mutations leading to cancer or other serious illnesses.

Features report that ionizing radiation from the sun to which you submit, has much higher frequency, more energy and can cause damage to human tissue. It's about what the doctors recommend avoiding sun exposure to prevent skin cancer.

Many studies have been done so far to be seen what the effects of EMF generated by the mobile network (mobile phone base stations and antennas). No research to date has shown that these cells are cancer or other cause considerable impact on human health

We must add here that the radio waves used in mobile telephony belong to the same region of the electromagnetic spectrum as the emission of radio and television stations. Radio frequencies are characterized by low energy, long wavelength and are in the area of non-ionizing radiation that does not ionize or harm the human body.

It is true that at times, several epidemiological studies showed a correlation between cellphone use analog technology (previously used and emitted stronger EMFs) and benign tumors such as acoustic neuroma.

It should be emphasized that these investigations showed only a correlation. It showed no documentation that the use of analog type phones for more than 10 years, is the cause of the observed acoustic neuromas.

Additionally note that investigations of this type based on questionnaires about what they did in the past, participants in research, not the most appropriate way to demonstrate a correlation between an agent and a disease. There are many examples in the scientific literature that correlations of this type of research diepsefsthisan by more rigorous studies.

The worst danger of mobile phones today, it is elsewhere. Using phone while driving with or without special accessories headset hands free, is a real risk of accidents, loss of life and disability.

Experts note that even with the use of telephone headsets hands free, the risk of fatal accidents is greatly increased by the phenomenon of "inattention blindness of.

No one can say that today we all, on the effects of radio waves (mobile phones, radio and television broadcasts). Certainly there are gaps in our knowledge.

For example, we can not know what the effects of long-term use of mobile digital technology is widely used today by children and adults.

Similarly we can not know what effects can we report on EMF in any form, in which daily and are continually being presented. This does not mean that our exposure to low frequency fields and energy required to have harmful effects on our health.

So we need vigilance and continued research. Although so far the research did not substantiate that electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phones and base stations, causing disease, nevertheless required precautions:

1.First you have to follow the directions given by internationally recognized organizations for safe levels of EMF should be available on mobile phones 

2.Children should use cell phones only when necessary

3.The time use of mobile phones should be as short as possible by both adults and children from

4.The use of special headphones hands free greatly reduces EMFs incurred by our brains in the mobile

5.Also in the car is better not to talk on the phone. Even if there is hands free, it is better to avoid speaking it, even using this technology, the risk of accidents and loss of life is greater

6.It's good to know that when using the mobile in the car, the intensity of the EMF generated is much greater. For this reason it is better positioned to drive an external antenna.

The above are precautions. It means that they are different because there will be adverse health effects. Since it is believed that there may be unknown on the EMF frequency, it is preferable whenever we can reduce our exposure to them to do.

The same applies to the use of mobile phones in places where machines are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. There have so far described serious events due to interference.

Nevertheless, it is preferable not to use mobile intensive care units in hospitals near sensitive equipment. Also the mobile should not be used in aircraft because of possible interference with sensitive equipment during the flight.

In conclusion we wish to stress that there should be a system to inform and educate the public on EMF issues. It is necessary to increase knowledge and awareness about all these issues. It is the only way to create the necessary trust between all stakeholders, governments, individuals, organizations and companies.

This information must be correct, detailed, precise and continuous. It should also be presented in a way comprehensible to all strata of society. If you expect when there is a protest or a crisis on the issue of EMF to inform the public, then the credibility and chances of success are reduced.


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