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Mobility Scooters For Handicapped People on the Move. Let's Roll!

Updated on September 25, 2015

On the Road Again

Power Scooters for Handicapped Folks on the Move. Don't Let Life Pass You By

There are millions of people among us who are considered "handicapped" and scores of reasons why. But being handicapped is not necessarily a life sentence of confinement . Canes and walkers offer some freedom of movement, but the ultimate freedom comes with owning a handicap scooter or powered wheel chair that gives added range and endless possibilities to your maneuvering.

Mobility is a huge concern for those of us who are disabled. Electric mobility scooter are an important option for those who are more adventures and like to get to places not easily accessible to canes and walkers. They utilize powerful rechargeable batteries that give several hours of uninterrupted service or 15 or more miles of range. Generally, these scooters are available in a variety of size options with three or four wheels and are equipped with brakes lights, horn and adjustable seats; as well as detachable baskets for carrying a variety of objects.

These scooters are ideal for making it possible for you to attend your grandchildren's baseball, football and soccer games or tour the mall with your spouse. You can roll along while she walks the streets in town or heads out to the cider mill. It's not as good as a set of fresh legs, but considering the alternatives, a handicap scooter is a good choice and can be your best friend.

As we all come in a range of sizes, so too do the scooters. There is a full array of sizes that are available from many manufacturers. It is important that you size your scooter to accommodate your body weight, girth and usage requirements. Most scooters are fairly similar as far as operating characteristics, speed, batteries and accessories. It is always good to select a known brand from a dealer with experience.

Online and local dealers are both very knowledgeable and helpful. If you are the type who needs to kick the tires, honk the horn and sit in your unit, a local brick and mortar dealer may be ideal. However, thousands of satisfied customers obtain their handicap scooters on the Internet. The industry is quite competitive, so watch for special promotions online.

If your budget allows and you enjoy being active and love to travel frequently, you will absolutely benefit from an onboard storage system for your scooter. The ideal set up consists of a Chrysler or Dodge mini van or a similar large van from one of the foreign makers. You should remove or stow the third row of seats so the lift system can be installed. This is a chain driven apparatus that moves the platform out and down to street level. The scooter is driven on to the platform, then secured with safety belts. A push of the power button will lift the scooter then slide it into position inside the van. It takes less than two minutes. You're ready to roll the next time you find a place to put down at.

These power scooters can be taken with you on passenger jets and onboard cruise ships with a minimum of advance planning. You are now free to move about the world. Those of us in that position have a favorite motto: "Handicap is bull crap."

Easy to load -- easy to go

Install a lift device and take your cart wherever you go
Install a lift device and take your cart wherever you go | Source

This is all possible with a electric scooter built especially for handicapped individuals. The other element that is most important to your mobility is the lift device. Harmar manufactures a number of variations. This equipment is somewhat affordable, but certainly not cheap. But when you consider the freedom and ease of movement you can get, it's approximate installed price of $4,000 is a small price. If you prefer a lift device that installs on the back of your vehicle can be installed alternatively, but the scooter is left exposed to the elements. A suitable scooter can cost between $2,000 and $4,000. The question you must ask yourself is how much is your ability to be mobile worth?

A final note: The lift device if maintained properly can last many years. It can be installed in a new vehicle as long as the scooter dimensions and clearances work.. Check with the lift manufacturer before you transfer the device.

Live a Full Life

Remember, living with a handicap is not a life sentence of desperation and limited options. Get yourself on wheels and open up the world to exploration. Roll with those of us who refuse to be house bound.

Top RatedLine Pride Mobility Scooter

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus HD 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus HD 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

This is the way you can roll. No need to be a "stay at home" Let's Roll


Lift your mobility cart right into your mini van Now you are free to explore

Outside Vehicle Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift
Outside Vehicle Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift

This is the added feature that gives mobility cart users access to the world. Lift and store your cart. When it's time to roll -- lower it and zoom zoom you're free to go



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