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Angry and Frustrated Mom's, Managing Emotions

Updated on August 1, 2015

The Mom Facade

Are you a mom if so, chances are at one point or another you've been frustrated and have had to deal with anger. This is very common and a lot of Mother's feel ashamed and embarrassed that they struggle with raising their children. First of all, being a Mother is the hardest job out there, period.

Being a single Mom is absolutely draining and extremely hard, so don't beat yourself up. What we all need to know as Mother's is, WE ARE NOT PERFECT, period ! There seems to be this facade we try to put on as Mom's, acting like our kids are perfect, we're perfectly organized, and everything is just great all the time. Well guess what, it's not true.

If as Mom's we would just be honest with our struggles instead of beating each other down we would realize really quick that we are all pretty much the same.

Dealing With Frustration and Anger

We all deal with frustration, usually many, many times on a daily basis. Know that this is normal and OK. You are not less of a parent because you get frustrated and lose it once in awhile, we all do so just take a deep breathe and re-group.

To handle frustration and anger, the best thing to do is remove yourself from it. I am a Mom of five children, two of which are twins that are 9 months old so I know you cannot just "leave," but you can walk out of the room and be by yourself for 5 minutes. Once you're by yourself, where ever it is take deep breaths in and out very slowly 10 times.

This sounds funny, but trust me it works. If it's a really bad day, you may need to do it 20 times. Do it until you feel better ! Another thing that helps is getting some time for yourself every week. Whether it's a little shopping, going out with a friend to a restaurant, or just driving around listening to some music.

You need some time away from your children. doing this will refresh you and it's amazing the difference in perspective you get. As Mom's we put everybody before ourselves, so it's OK to need a little me time.

Housework, Just Say NO and Taking Back Control of it

Another thing that really helps is having fun with your kids. It's OK to say NO to housework, at least for a little while. One day your kids will be grown up and guess what, you will realize that the stuff that seemed so important when your kids where younger, isn't all that big of a deal.

Of course there are things that must be done, I'm not saying don't do anything. What I am saying is, don't stress yourself out because your house isn't perfect, and you have to do some laundry or dust is piling up, it's OK ! To get control of your housework, make a list of everything that needs to be done.

Now on a calendar or even just a piece of paper write everyday of the week. Now write one or two things for each day, that's IT ! All you have to focus on is the 2 or 3 things that you do for each day. Instead of thinking of the 10 things you have to get done.


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