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Monday Blues, Causes and Cures

Updated on July 10, 2011
Gee, my gosh, it's Monday
Gee, my gosh, it's Monday | Source

Waking Up and Feeling Sad What to Do

There are lots of us who go through feeling very depressed on Monday morning. For some people it goes away gradually and for others it lasts throughout the day. Then again it can last with coming and going depression throughout the week. I am going to examine some of these issues. The most severe of all I will not discuss as this could be a much more serious issue needing profesional counselling.

Some of the causes of Monday blues as it is often called can result from being in the same regiment. Working a boring job that you work hard at and never seem to accomplish what you want. It may be pleasing the boss, yourself, or a disgruntle co-worker. Whatever it may be you can't seem to cope with it any more. You work, you never catch up with your bills, you don't spend enough time with your family, or you just need time for yourself. These problems are cause for concern. Emotional issues can often lead to poor work performance, irritability, and just pain detachment to anything happening.

Getting Back on Track

While you may not have an immediate solution to some of your problems the one thing I would suggest while in between finding a way to make things bettter is to meditate. Doctors are finding that using the right kind of meditation which involves deep, steady breathing and clearing the mind will help even in making you feel physically well. Another form of meditation would involve listening to relaxing music or a radio or TV program having to do with making peace with yourself and looking to forms of inspiration to help you overcome your anixiety.

Real Hard Steps to Take

If someone is continually bothering you on your job you need to confront this person and also go to your Human Resourses manager for help in resolving this issue. If you are bored with your job because you cannot find or are not allowed a way to get more creative, or there are just too many constraints and restrictions you may consider getting counseling or working with your supervisor to help make your job more copable. Sometimes even though people injoy their jobs and work at doing the best they can and have initiative but the same old grinding regiment just burns them out.

Work to solve your woes. Get involved with friends and family on your weekends and your time off. Work on a project that you injoy. Get into a good book. Search for anotheer job or do some brain storming. If you are willing to take the risk, if you quit your job and have a 401k program you may be able to pay off some of your dept and discuss putting the remaining money in to a tax sheltered program with your attourney, banker, or tax consultant. Make sure, though, that you have a part time job or are having some kind of income coming in.

Other issues.

If you have personal issues that need to be resolved such as marital, or family, take a serious look at doing what is needed to reasonably solve your issues. Most of all don't be concerned about what others have to say unless they are friends and family whom's advice you respect and appreciate and it is constructive. Be honest in your judgement of yourself.

To Some degree this is Just Normal

If you just hate that the weekend is over and you are about to switch gears then it is probably nothing to worry about. We all get some form of the Monday Blues and like a lot of things in life it will be here till the end.


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    • slmorgan profile image

      slmorgan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      I agree. Meditiation and deep breathing are wonderful stress reducers. Power walking or just plain walking combined with deep breathing exercises is helpful as well. Useful...Thanks.