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Moral issues: Our Beliefs and Its Effects on Human Nature....

Updated on October 18, 2009

First you may ask yourself what is Moral issues: The meaning of moral issues is just this.

Moral issues are those which involve a difference of belief and not a matter of preference. Now some of the topics of moral issues now days is sex before marriage, Government issues, such as the new healthcare policies and laws that the White House is trying to propose upon us, Government Spending and even the way children in today’s society dress or how children are raised and many more issues that arise on a daily basis.

People come from many walks of life and they have their own beliefs and morals in which they were raised with or had gained during their years of growing up or have various opinions about certain topics of the world. Example: if one person thinks that their opinion and beliefs on the world war are right, the next person may see the other person as wrong in many ways as to their thinking and reasoning. This person may think that what they believe is better or more correct than the person who was originally talking about the world war. A debate or argument could arise from time to time because people, no matter who they are, always thinks they are right in their own way of thinking or what they believe to be is true in their own judgments.

You can see it on discussion boards or in chat rooms etc. Say we pick a topic on the Enron Corporation and its executors how they mismanaged their corporations funds and had done a lot of cover-ups that made their executors and investors very wealthy and now they are in jail due to the fact that what they had done was the wrong and their decisions were very inaccurate.

There are other issues that arise in the Government policies or laws, even what happens at your place of employment. There are many issues going around in our world today that sometimes makes us think, or to try to see another person’s point of view or opinion about any given topic.

Another Example was on the discussion board about The Madoff Affair”. Some of the students think that Frontline had many untrue assertions about the way Mr. Madoff had conducted his business and the way he had invested his money or company funds.“ On the other hand Mr. Madoff had supporter’s who also thought he was in the right in his business practices and the information on Frontline was correct thus aspiring a conflict in the Moral Issues at hand.

This causes a difference of opinion. This can also happen in any chat group you also go to such as Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger etc or even between family members at a holiday gathering discussing important issues of today media. Everyone has their own opinion, their own way of thinking their own judgment as to various topics of the world.

Other Moral Issues also include things such as personal moral values, Abortion, The Death penalty, Medical testing on animals, Buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur, sex between an unmarried woman and man, Married women and men having an affair, Divorce, Cloning animals, cloning humans, Suicide, Religion, Beliefs in God, Medical research using stem cells obtained from human embryos, Having a baby outside of marriage, Gambling, Homosexuality, Polygamy, when one husband has more than one wife at the same time, Marriage between Gays or lesbians and Doctor-assisted suicide just to name a few of Moral Issues and concerns across the world and the list goes on.

We also have Moral Issues with our Government, things such as president Barak Obama's election when Mr. Obama was running for president, his health care reform in which he now is trying to pass, his presidency in the White House, of how good of a job he is doing and how popular with the Nation his, New laws that our Government has/is drumming up and spending packages of our Nations Money

More and more people in today’s society have different opinions and beliefs about these and more topics that they hear on the news, read in newspapers, read on the Internet, or other various media that we now have in today’s society.

People throughout the years have always have had a difference of opinion and beliefs on various topics of the ones listed above or of other topics of back when internet was first created. It’s just human nature to have a different beliefs and opinions. This is what makes the world go round.

There’s an old saying that if people had the same thought process, this world would be a boring place to live. There are too many different thought patterns in humans in the world.

To give us a clearer understanding of Moral Issues, many universities, colleges and schools now teach Moral Issues as a class that I’ve explained earlier to students who are attending Phycology classes.

Phycology students need to obtain a better understanding as to the Moral Issues of society in order to upon granduation obtain the knowledge of how to get into the human mind and what makes the human mind tick. This all is associated with human behavior in order to diagnose human behavior of suicide, or depression etc.

Thinking in a logical and ethical way will help promote better beliefs and a more ethical reasoning to issues of our nation and personal issues. Clear thinking and reasoned argument are important to coming up with rational solutions so that debates and arguments do not turn into negative conversations with family, friends, co workers and peers. Critical thinkers learn to discriminate among (rather than simply absorb) beliefs and values and attempting to arrive at a decision or judgment only after honestly evaluating alternatives with respect to available evidence and arguments.

Of course, the real problem is to know the distribution on the interpretations. To make some progress on this, most systems intending to integrate logical and probabilistic reasoning in artificial intelligence make simplifying assumptions.

When objective decision-making is needed, evidence and argument provide more reliability than personal feelings. Copping out and refusing to make judgments gets a person nowhere. In the real world, critical thinking other than personal feelings are critical in business, school, industrial manufacturing, law offices, etc with out putting personal feelings in the way that you believe something is true, which can cause arguments with others.

Ethics and Moral issues is not only knowing the factsit alsoinvolves being able to apply these sorts of resources to concrete issues and cases. Not just forming an opinion with out knowing the facts of a topic that you’re talking about. Making a person jump to conclusions with their own beliefs and opinions. This is what they call concrete evidence to back up your theory of whatever moral issue you are talking about.

You have noticed that there is a list of references at the bottom of this paper as to the research that has gone into this paper. This is concrete evidence of the findings in order to write this paper, it is not a personal conclusion of the author’s personal beliefs in the topics that are chosen for this paper or personal context in what is written, which gives more credibility to the facts that are stated in this research.

They are in need of such information and with the internet, news broadcasts etc people can obtain this information quickly and put their own beliefs into context in order to be knowledgeable concerning a certain topic and study on that topic until all the facts are proven with a logical explanation or thought process that can go into a conversation they were having at work, or a research paper for school, or even a book or manuscript that they are working on even an article that is written for print.

People need things put into factual context in order to understand what a certain topic is about, then they are able to form their own judgment or opinion as to how they really feel about a certain topic of their choosing or act up on the chosen topic.

This is also a way of obtaining both sides of a particular issue that we are trying to look at another way from the point of view of our own through our beliefs. We obtain the ability to identify and analyze contemporary ethical issues and obtain the ability to apply various decision-making strategies to ethical problems. We then can make the correct choices whether they are right choices in life or the wrong choice in life with our ethical and logical way of thinking.

Some people may be in personal situations were their spouse or other half is pressuring them to do something. Instead of coming to a conclusion right away that person has to take a step back and think about the situation and weight their options to make a correct decision as to the situation being right from wrong.

How many time have you sat down when you were looking at a house, or going to start a business or even dating a new boyfriend/girlfriend made a list of the pro’s and cons then deciding were to take your actions. This is a personal Moral Issue. You are making a logical decision as to your future and what is right for you. The same goes true in your thought process and your beliefs. You sit and think about a situation and carefully form your own conclusion and beliefs of the situation at hand.

Moral issues are everywhere some can be confusing to people until they form their own beliefs and judgments and some can be very sound beliefs that are concrete in your own mind. Sometimes people have to take a step back to analyze a situation or topic before coming to any personal conclusions and beliefs.

The world will continue to always have topics of moral issues that will affect others beliefs. More and more moral issues arise every day in one’s personal life and in one’s work life. If you think about the correct way of analyzing either a topic or situation you will come to a logical conclusion’s to help make the right decisions and actions in one’s life.


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      gepeTooRs 2 years ago

      I like the helpful information you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more here frequently. I am somewhat certain I’ll be told many new stuff right here! Good luck for the following!

    • wyoming wonder profile image

      Debby Richardson 5 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you Kainat... Peytonalexis, I just write things as i see it, I also state the truth in what I write and I felt this needed to cone out in the open when I wrote it.

    • peytonalexis profile image

      Peyton Alexis 5 years ago from Miami

      Wow what a topic .... first time i read on this community such a sensible post ... i love it .....

    • profile image

      kainat 5 years ago

      i like it :)