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More Realistic Weight Loss

Updated on March 24, 2013

Weight has always been and weight loss options will continue to be a topic most discussed among men and women. As we grow older, our need for food changes and so do our tastes. We tend to eat at regular mealtimes and also according to our moods and cravings. This leads to an overall increase in food intake at all times of the day which in turn leads to digestive problems because the system does not get enough time between meals to process and dispatch food that has been eaten. A direct result of this is increase in weight and this is when we need weight loss tips.

While we are young, the body is able to cope with the demands of erratic digestion, function on less sleep and meet the excess physical demands put on it. But as we grow older, these extra demands as well the demands of a job and responsibility of a family start a slow burnout process and hence people find that though they are eating the same and working the same they are now gaining weight. From here on, it is a snowballing effect and indifference in attitude will lead to a nice rotund person by the time they hit the Big Four. The other health implications then make their presence felt and this contributes to the general ill health of a person in the form of fatigue, blood pressure and other complications. Women are more prone to weight gain and the causes for this are wide and varied. They range from stress, boredom, having babies, menopause, etc. So weight loss for women is probably more a need than weight loss for men.

There are a lot of factors one needs to keep in mind to maintain the ideal weight or as close to it as possible. First off is the calorie intake. Metabolism is the engine in your body that processes the food eaten into energy and anything less than 1200 calories will send your system into what it terms as the starvation mode. Complex carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for this engine. Frequent snacking on fruits and vegetables will keep the metabolism running without adding to the overall weight. This especially helps in maintaining a good basal metabolism which is the metabolism rate required for basic body functions like the beating of your heart, breathing, muscle tone, etc in a reclined position or sleeping. Some surefire ways to boost your metabolism rate are eating breakfast, exercising, snacking only on healthy foods like vegetables, fruits etc and eating only at set times as far as is possible. Avoiding alcohol is also a good idea for healthy weight loss.

Body Mass Index or BMI is what determines whether you are obese or not. Losing 5 to 15 % of your weight would ensure that you are within the BMI for your height and this would keep certain health problems at bay.

Food habits are also prone to mood swings and this in turn leads to abnormal cravings which in turn lead to weight gain. Aromatherapy works well in helping a person overcome stress and other lifestyle problems. Oils work to boost your sense of wellbeing as it is proven that smell and emotions are closely linked. Every aroma has a particular role to play e.g. vanilla will help take away sweet cravings, juniper berries do wonders for reducing emotional baggage and there are others like lavender  which are mood enhancers. The best way to use aromatherapy is to use it in your bath, steam inhalation, in a handkerchief, oil burner or massage. All these add up to simple weight loss measures that would cause no harm to try.

There are pill or diet supplements also available to aid quick weight loss though these have not been proven and their side effects are not known in great detail. Pills containing PPA, Ephedra, Glucomannan, Chitosan and chromium supplements, St. John’s Wort, green tea extract and Spirulina supplements usually have either diet restrictions or work only when combined with a special diet.

Most people are not in a position to go to gyms and spas to effect healthy weight loss either due to pressure of time or financial constraints. The best solution then, for everyone across the board, is to adopt a well planned weight loss program which includes activities like walking, swimming or cycling. Maintaining a calorie chart and incorporating a small exercise regime in your daily schedule will go a long way in ensuring overall good health. Be a smart shopper and avoid fat laden items, increase vegetables and fruits, give yourself a treat once in a while to avoid binging and if joining a weight loss program, ask all the pertinent questions like health risks and costs. Talk to your doctor for a sensible weight loss plan suited to your height and fitness level. All these simple measures, while it may not make you into a Kate Moss, will ensure a fitter, healthier and happier you. 


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