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Morning Cafe #01 // Talking About "What The Health" A Netflix Film

Updated on July 10, 2017

Good morning guys, this is my first blog post and this is whats on my mind as I wake up with my daily Nescafe and Youtube videos for the start of my Monday morning. Yesterday night I was watching Gary Vaynerchuch's vlog on Youtube and he mentioned the Netflix show "What The Health". If you haven't heard of Gary, he is a great inspiration on a Monday morning and makes you treat every day of the week as a Monday morning.

I came across "What The Health" on Netflix quickly and pressed play...I suggest you watch it, but I also advice you not to take everything said in the video so black and white as it is portrayed.


Eating has never been such a taught out process than it is today.

Back in the day, people would go along with their busy lives, they would stop along the road to grab a bite at the local burger diner without a concern about the dietary restrictions. They would walk in hungry, and walk out mentally satisfied.

It wasn't till our generation took vegetarian to a whole new level. I give the vegetarian community a great praise for what they do and hope to learn from them on how to take care of our dietary health because one day they will be calling the shots for the food industry, and I believe it.. but until then we can make small steps for our own health on what to eat.

Everything is good in moderation,

Seeing that meat and the process it comes from is a horrific act of human kind makes me not want to look at meat and I barely eat meat as it is. It is disgusting, cruel and not needed considering we can come up with a different form of providing food for our selves. What I learned from this short film,

* Livestock produces A LOT of greenhouse gasses, MORE than humans

*Livestock is fed with hormones, medicine from large pharmaceutical companies, and our around other sick livestock.

*Dairy isn't good for our bones, and doesn't help us grow! Rather it creates problems for us that later send us to look for medicine and fills the pockets of the pharmaceutical corporations.

The cycle introduced to me,

A corporation says it is looking out for our best interest --> recommends eating/trying a food product and later markets a drug to help with problems that come from the product they recommended to you in the first place --> money fills pockets of both the medicine world and the corporation that work hand in hand.


Having awareness in what I eat is highlighted more than before and I now find it interesting in finding new recipes and not sticking to my old diet of mostly sugar and carbs. I have not ate in the best manner up till now, but I think catching my health at 23 is a lot easier than at 40 when I start seeing the first health problems.

What I want to change // Will Change

I want to look in to herbs for cooking, different uses of vegetables, different foods that benefit your body and keep your blood strong.

I want to change, not giving into the marketing scheme of buying a Starbucks everyday, so far I haven't had it as often as I did in the beginning of the year.

I'd rather spend a little more at a different food store and buy food I haven't been brave enough to cook before such as new vegetables, and recipes from other countries. I'm not implying organic food because I am still skeptical on where it really comes from.

I am curious and interested in starting a food diary to track what I really eat in a week and keep progressing on my journey to a balanced diet as well as eating less meat, but gaining the benefits from other foods as I would from meat.


My question to you is, how do you handle the pressure of keeping your dietary health? What recipes or culture do you lean on and base your meals off of?


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