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What is Morning after pill

Updated on August 20, 2009

Morning afterpill, is it an abortion drug?

After a sensual night with my boyfriend, I got alarmed that I am on my peak date of ovulation; usually falls 14 days with +/-3 days after menstruation. I knew I was fertile or becoming fertile. Sperm stays inside the female reproductive system for up to 3 days and the risk of becoming pregnant is very high especially on the ovulation period. Ovulation period produces fertilized egg or Ova that if united with sperm will develop into conception resulting to pregnancy. Fortunately there is a drug that prevents that conception to happen by preventing the egg to be fertilized when you take it until the sperm would eventually die.

The morning after pill should be taken within 72 hours after the ejaculation inside the vagina incident happened. Usually 4 tablets are given but with prescription by taking 2 tablets every after 12 hours. This is an immediate solution but it does not terminate pregnancy if you already are.

My gynecologists set up an internal ultrasound for my ovaries to check if there’s no pregnancy because if ever there are pregnancies it’s a risk for the baby for you to drink that drug. It will not abort the baby it will make it worst by affecting the baby’s brain and body development. So better check first if you are existing pregnant you might not notice. This pill is like a huge dose of contraceptive pills taken twice to unfertilized the eggs. Thus preventing pregnancy “BUT” not terminating a pregnancy.

Taking this pill as it has side effects, it makes you feel nauseated and light headedness but that’s only mild. After I took it for a day, I felt relieved after 2 weeks I had my menstruation again and started drinking contraceptive pills which I and my boyfriend agreed upon. It is better to be safe than to result to something you don’t like.

Morning after pill is sold in any gynecologist clinic you shouldn’t be shy to your doctor, that’s what they are hired for.

This pill varies in prices in each country but it is usually from $25 - $120 depends on which type of clinic you consulted. I paid $100 for my consultation, the pill and the ultrasound to be safe.


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