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Morning sickness a real pain

Updated on September 17, 2008

It's so exciting your having a child, a little bundle of life is growing in side you right now. What that you say? You're not feeling well, that little bundle of joy is making bow to the porclin bowl every day. You got it, morning sickness that is. Of course you may not get it just in the morning but its still the same thing. By now you may have spoken to your doctor and I'm sure he said it will pass, maybe he even perscribed a supplment for you or a perscription. Well I don't want to scare any of you but if your as unlucky as I was you'll have morning sickness the whole forty weeks, twice!

Depending on when you begin to feel sick during the day you can gain some control over your sickness. First of all If you know your going to be sick every morning an hour after you wake up try to avoid eating anything heavy, or not at all. I know your eating for two but the more nutrients you can keep down the more you and your baby will benifit, after all your body is working overtime. Drink plenty of water even if it comes back up it's only water. Eat dry toast or crackers if you have to eat.

There are other home remidies you can use to help ease queazziness as well as aches and pains. Drinking gingerale esspecially if it is flat helps alot, eating more fruits and vetables can also help keep your energy levels up which in turn helps to cope with the nausa. Alway have crackers at hand they are a life saver when you are sick or if you find your getting heart burn after your visit to the sacred bowl. Drinking teas was alway my favorit remady, rosemary tea is soothing and help relax muscles and ease pain. Pepermint tea is great for the throat, if you find it is soar from throwing up so much. A spooon full of honey also helps the throat and settle the stomach.

Remember women have been going through morning sickness since we first started having babies. Just make sure your are able to keep food down, drink lots of water and take a vitamine supplment recommended by your doctor and relax your body when you know it that time of the day. If you get sick at different times of every day talk to your doactor abut a perscription or maybe a family member has been through the same thing and can offer some advice. What ever you do take care of you self and your baby, if you know ham and eggs make you sicker then usual, don't eat them, If you find a piece of bread settles you, eat it. Help your self by paying attention to your pregnant body so you and your baby will be as healthy as possible. Good luck and congrats!


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