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Mosquitoes: Your Days are Numbered

Updated on June 28, 2017
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

 Tiger mosquito.
Tiger mosquito. | Source

Let us all Focus on

our common enemy: the mosquito. Oh, do not think that you are above being bitten by a squadron of hungry mosquitoes. And believe this too, that no matter how one may prepare by way of correct wardrobe and the right brand of body wash to use, mosquitoes are on to you, pal. This is not a scolding, but more of a warning and signal a "call to arms" for all innocent people who are reading this article and who are fed-up with being bitten and run off from their favorite picnic location.

In simple terms for you, the down-trodden victims of mosquitoes, enough is enough. Time to get nasty. Lock and load and be as nasty as the mosquito in how you can outdo and defeat the mosquito regardless of how many they might be.

Aedes aegypti mosquito on human skin.
Aedes aegypti mosquito on human skin. | Source

Let's not try to Fool Ourselves

for the so-called common mosquito is one of nature's "eating machine" in the air. Similar to the Great White in the oceans, so is the mosquito when it comes not only to reeking havoc on humans and pets with their annoying stings, but some mosquitoes today carry more than one virus that can take down a few people and they will be sent to a doctor for help.

The mosquito is not a funny looking insect that some people swat off (pun intended) and pretend that they, the men mostly are close kin to Clark Kent, Man of Steel and is oblivious to mosquito stings. Not so, Clark. When a mosquito outsmarts you and that time will come, and you are bitten, you are instantly going on a gambling binge against the odds of not having a sickening virus that the mosquito is carrying and has just sucked a pint or two of your blood because you were too distracted chatting with a pretty girl sitting on her chaise lounge at the motel pool.

In laymen's terms, the mosquito is the "bad boy" of insects. When other insects that sting (bumblebees; wasps; hornets; yellow jackets and sweat bees. A honey bee stings and then dies.) and move on, the mosquito is more lethal as it can carry deadly, life-threatening viruses that require medical attention when every moment counts. The mosquito is also considered "brothers-in-sting" or "dangerous gang members" who only deal a deceiving buzz that you think cannot harm you, but think again. Remember the Nile Virus? Do you understand now about how dangerous the mosquito can be?

Girls, when you are out and about and tempted to wear something like this, remember, a sweet-smelling perfume is one way to attract deadly mosquitoes.
Girls, when you are out and about and tempted to wear something like this, remember, a sweet-smelling perfume is one way to attract deadly mosquitoes. | Source

Arming Yourself Against Mosquitoes

is not that tough. In fact, every tool you can use to help rid this deadly diseases carried by the mosquito may be already sitting in your kitchen cabinets. Here are but a few, affordable ways that you can enjoy the outdoors without fear of a sortie engineered by a hungry mosquito.

The Anti-Mosquito Candle can be purchased by most major department chain stores and all you do is sit two or three of these handy candles near you and your friends (in the backyard), light the candles and let the scent fill the area. This is one of the best ways you can use to defend yourself during mosquito season.

If you are planning an outside event, then do not bathe in sweet-smelling cologne or perfume. Doing this is the same as yelling, "Hey, Mr. Mosquito! I am here! You can have me for dinner!" So use a less-than-loud perfume and cologne, say a generic brand, and you will come out a lot better.

A good rule of thumb about warding off mosquitoes is: "the less clothing you wear, you will be worse for wear." So wear a few more pieces of light clothing if you are planning a backyard party and this way, the target area, your flesh, will not be so easy for mosquitoes to sting and inject you with a possible health risking virus.

It is not recommended to use aerosol anti-mosquito sprays, but use the anti-mosquito fog that will last longer than the sprays. And these fogs' effects will last a lot longer when the fog has disappeared. Don't ask how. It just works.

Forewarned is forearmed. What this means is to inspect the outside areas of your home and if you should see places where water can puddle, get rid of it. Standing water is the meca where mosquitos breed and grow up. Plus if you should see empty cans or receptacles that are able to hold water, dispose of them immediately. Keep your outside area clean of standing water and your chances of having fresh swarms of moquitoes will diminsh greatly.

Invest in a bat house. Yes, a bat house is a real device that you can build yourself by going online and reading how to build a bat house. Why bats? The answer is obvious. Bats love mosquitoes. A mosquito to the bat is like that of a T-bone steak with the trimmings, so a bat house with bats that both sleep and breed inside a bat house will pay you big dividends. Again, look on line for building a bat house and you will be glad that you did.

When you and the family are out for a weekend of leisure and camping, check with your local department store and stock up on strong mosquito netting. When you and the family turn in for the night, make sure that before you zip your tent doors shut, secure the tent openings with mosquito nettting.

The last anti-mosquito tool is . . .

buying an electronic bug zapper. These can be found in most department stores and the prices may vary. This is just one way that you can win the battle against mosquitoes.

Keep in mind that when you are out and about enjoying your patio area and you should see (or hear) an annoying mosquito and you swat it, you may think that your troubles are over. No. Your mosquito troubles have just started because when you see one mosquito, there are thousands just waiting to see how many stings they can give to you and your friends.

You can have a happy, peaceful summer if you will be forearmed when battling those annoying pests: mosquitoes.

© 2017 Kenneth Avery


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