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Mosquitoes in the Great Barrier Reef Region – Are They Harmless or Deadly Disease Carriers?

Updated on January 7, 2019
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Karen has lived in the Whitsunday Region since 2009. The Great Barrier Reef is a four hour boat ride from where she lives.

Without Mosquitoes We Would Never Know the Dragonfly

The humble mosquito is yet another of Mother Nature's creatures living on earth for a specific purpose - to suck the blood of all its victims, right? Wrong. The mosquito has a higher purpose. Sure, the initial reasoning for any mosquito is to find the blood of a homosapien in its own quest for survival. But the other purpose to justify the life of a mosquito is to provide food for the delicate dragonfly. This intricate blend of predator and victim is ever present in the Great Barrier Reef but unlike Australia's Asian neighbours the majority of mosquito borne diseases are relatively harmless or at least, few and far between.

The dread of being bitten by a mosquito is possibly shared by every single human being on the planet, some more than others for those who have that instant allergic reaction to a bite and spend the next four hours scratching the site of the attack till it bleeds. There are actually a number of reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to one type of person more so than others and having an understanding of the reasons why and how to prevent and treat the worst of the dreaded mosquito bite can go a long way to alleviating some painful moments.

Mosquito landing on human flesh


Mosquito Relief Zone Accommodation

Staying in Airlie Beach while exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef is a mosquito relief zone.

The Dangerous Creatures of the Great Barrier Reef series has been commissioned by Toscana Village Resort, Airlie Beach Accommodation.

Mosquitoes Found in the Great Barrier Reef Region

Along with a number of different types of mosquitoes is a variety of diseases this humble insect can carry. The list includes the diseases brought by mosquitoes from various regions of the world. Thankfully, the number of diseases carried by mosquitoes in the Great Barrier Reef Region is limited, making this the ideal tropical paradise for soaking in the atmosphere without the added worry of being bitten by a mosquito carrying a deadly disease.

Diseases Carried by Mosquitoes Globally

  1. Malaria
  2. Fevers such as Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever and Ross River Fever
  3. Encephalitis including; St Louis, Japanese and Murray River Valley

Diseases Carried by Mosquitoes in the Great Barrier Reef Region

There have been no recorded incidences of malaria in Australia but there are reports of potentially fatal diseases, especially in the northern tropical regions.

  1. Dengue Fever
  2. Ross River Fever
  3. Murray River Valley Encephalitis

Prevention is Better than Any Cure

The best way to avoid any disease carried by the mosquito is prevention. There are some excellent ways to protect ourselves from the inevitable, especially if you are a visitor to the tropics of far north Queensland. Locals appear to develop immunity to the most common varieties of their region and within a few short weeks are barely bothered by the annoying pest. But for the newcomer, prevention comes in the form of sprays, roll-ons or even boosting vitamin B intake. You can buy elastic bands; strap them around your wrist or ankle. Citronella candles, oil burners or smoke sticks are effective. Living in the tropics can be the closest you will get to paradise but you do need to protect yourself from the dangers.

The Dangerous Marine Creatures of the Great Barrier Reef Series has been commissioned by Toscana Village Resort, Airlie Beach Accommodation.


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