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Some of the Most Amazing, Controversial and Unbelievable Mothers - Birth and Pregnancy

Updated on September 8, 2011
Rajo Devi Lohan and her daughter and husband
Rajo Devi Lohan and her daughter and husband
Oldest Mother in the World
Oldest Mother in the World

Rajo Devi Lohan – World’s Oldest Mother To Give Birth

An Indian woman named Rajo Devi Lohan holds a world’s record to be the oldest woman to give birth at the age of 70. After her IVF pregnancy, mrs Lohan said that she is too weak to recover from complication. She said she has no regret doing this because both she and her husband had been trying for 4 decades just to have a child of their own. “I waited long enough to become a mum and it doesn't matter anymore whether I am ill or not”.

Not only her womb ruptured but she also suffered from severe internal bleeding after her caesarean birth. Mrs Lohan told that the doctor never even warned her about the dangerous risks of giving birth at her age.

Mrs Lohan and her husband are poverty-stricken farmers who live in the village. She received IVF treatment at the controversial clinic after being unable to conceive throughout her married life. Since this is regarded as a stigma in their culture, she and her husband had to endure from village gossip and avoided neigthbours at local weddings and festivals. Every attempts had been tried including taking herbal medicine, sought blessings from the high priests and visitting local quacks but nothing worked. Baba Ram, her husband even decided to marry her sister Omnii who is six years younger but both of them also share the same faith. What made things worst was that everybody in the village kept telling her husband to leave Rajo and get someone who could have children.

One day, after Lohan found out from the newspaper that a 60-year-old woman had delivered twins through IVF in the nearby city, she was so excited and went to investigate. The couple was so desperate to have a child that they decided to take out loans in order to pay for the £2,000 IVF treatment.

Lina Medina, World's Youngest Mother
Lina Medina, World's Youngest Mother

Lina Medina, The World Youngest Mother

Lina Medina, the youngest mother who gave birth to a baby boy at the age of five. When her stomach was getting bigger and bigger, her parents thought that their daughter had an abdominal tumor. They were so worried until they carried her immediately to a hospital. After careful examination, the doctors told them that the swelling was, in fact, not a tumor. All of them, including the doctors, were shocked after they found out Medina was actually seven months pregnant.

When doctors performed the caesarean process, they discovered that the five-year-old Medina already had fully mature sexual organs from precocious puberty. She got her very first period when she was around 8 months, this little girl also had breast and pubic hair, she was in puberty at the age of four.

Medina’s father was arrested on suspicion of rape and incest, he was released after they found not enough evidence and unfortunately, the authorities couldn't determine who actually fathered Lina’s child.

Medina’s first child was named Gerardo who born on Mother’s Day – 14 May 1939. The son weighed 2.7 kg at birth and both the son and the mother were able to go home from the clinic after only a few days. Gerardo (named after her doctor) thought that Medina was his big sister until he turned 10. Gerardo grew up healthy but at the age of 40 he died because of a bone marrow disease. Lina married to Raul Jurado and had her second child in 1972.

Nadya Suleman, the 'Octomom'
Nadya Suleman, the 'Octomom'
Nadya Suleman's Octuplets
Nadya Suleman's Octuplets

Natalie Denise Suleman, Octomom Who Gives Birth to Eight Babies

Natalie Denise Suleman or also being called as Nadya Suleman is an American woman who came to international attention after giving birth to octuplets in 2009. Makai, Maliyah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Nariyah, Isaiah and Noah are only the second full set of octupIets to be born alive in the US. Her octuplets are conceived via in vitro fertilization and was conducted by Doctor Michael Kamrava who his license has been revoked after they found out that the doctor implanted 12 embryos.

All of her 14 offspring are said to have the same sperm-donor father. And after one week of their birth, they surpassed the previous worldwide survival rate for a compIete set of octuplets set by Chukwu octuplets in 1998.

This single mother also said that she hates her ‘disgusting’ babies. She even called her older six children ‘animals’ because the children are getting more and more out of control. She said that she was so poor that she even contemplated suicide. However, she tried very very hard to move forward with her life and to be the best mother she can.

Public reaction turned negative when it was discovered that Nadya, who was labeled with the moniker “Octomom”, already had six other young children, no partner and on public assistance program.

In 1996, Suleman married Marco Gutierez and they separated in 2000. Gutierez told that the marriage collapsed after their attempts to start a family failed. His wife was so desperate that she even wanted to try in vitro fertilization. Gutierez disliked the idea of test tube babies and therefore he refused.

Thomas Beatie - Before and After
Thomas Beatie - Before and After
World's first pregnant man
World's first pregnant man

Thomas Beatie, World’s First Pregnant Man or Male Mother

Thomas Beatie was born female named Tracy Lagondino in Hawaii 1974. He now lives with his family – his wife Nancy and three children in Arizona. Nancy was previously married and has two child, Amber and Jen.

Thomas Beatie had gender reassignment surgery because he always wanted to be a man since long, and now he is legally regarded as a man. During his twenties, Thomas began having testosterone to give himself facial hair and a lower voice. Mr Beatie chose to become pregnant because his wife was infertile. Since Beatie kept his female organs when he switched genders so he was able to get pregnant.

Before becoming pregnant, Thomas Beatie stopped the testosterone injections. He bought sperm from an anonymous donor, then underwent artificial insemination. Mr Beatie also told that he and his wife can have sexual intercourse because his clitoris was enlarged greatly by the male hormones so it looks like a penis. Beatie only has 8 menstrual cycles a year instaed of 12 because he has previousIy had a fallopian tube removed and only half of those cycles are useful for conception. One of the difference between him and other mum is that Beatie could not breastfeed his baby, but a lot of mothers don't – as he told.

Omkari Panwar and her husband
Omkari Panwar and her husband
70-year-old woman give birth to twins
70-year-old woman give birth to twins

Omkari Panwar, The Oldest Grandmother Who Gives Birth to Twins

Omkari Panwar, an Indian 70-year-old grandmother who gave birth to twins – a daughter and (at last) a son. The old woman now lives in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh with Charan Singh Panwar, her 77-year-old husband.

They are very happy because both of them always wanted for a male child. The couple already have two grown-up daughters but don't have a son. They were so desperate for a son until the couple decided to sell their buffalos and mortgage their land, they spent their life savings and took out a bank loan to pay for their 350,000 rupees IVF treatment.

The twins, a boy and a girl both weighng 2lbs and were delivered a month earlier by Caesarean section. Singh, the retired farmer, and his wife Omkari Panwar are also the grandparents to five children. Mrs Panwar has no birth certificate but she remembers she was nine years old when British left India, it means that she is 70 years old at the time she gave birth.

In India, boys are highly valued. The Hindus believe that death rites should be performed by the closest male relatives and this is one of the reason why a baby boy is especially important. Other known reason is that many Indians still practice the dowry system, making daughters a more expensive proposition (although this system is officially banned in India).

Carole Horlock, the surrogate mother
Carole Horlock, the surrogate mother
Carole Horlock
Carole Horlock

Carole Horlock, World’s Most Prolific Surrogate Mother

Carole Horlock, known as the world’s most prolific surrogate mother. She has delievered 12 babies in 13 years and that includes a set of twins and triplets. Carole said that she has never had a problem handling the babies over because the bonding came after the babies were born when she nurtured and fed them. Miss Horlock has two daughters of her own named Steffanie and Megan.

The triplets’ parents are a Greek couple and the mother had a hysterectomy, she can still produce eggs but unfortunately she cannot carry a baby. Embryos made from her eggs and her husband’s sperm were implanted into Miss Horlock’s womb. The triplets are her first time pregnancy using IVF and are also her first ‘babies’ that she is not the biological mother.

Part of the agreement she normally makes before helping the childless couple is that they send a yearly newsletter and photographs of the babies so that she knows how they are doing. Miss Horlock received “expenses” from those she helps because payment is illegal. But she claimed that she is not motivated by money.

During one surrogate pregnancy, funny thing happened when the baby she was carrying was in fact had her partner’s DNA. She told that she would only have claimed her legal right for the baby if she felt it was not loved or wanted.

Mrs. Feodor Vassilyev, Most Prolific Mother Ever?

The first wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a peasant from Shuya, Russia is believed to be the world’s most prolific mother who holds record for most children birthed by a single woman. She gave birth to 4 sets of quadruplets, 7 sets of triplets and 16 pairs of twins (69 children all together) between 1725 – 1765 in a total of 27 births.

Stacey Herald and her husband
Stacey Herald and her husband

Stacey Herald, World’s Smallest Mother

Stacey Herald, who is 2ft 4ins tall, making her the world’s smallest mother. Stacey has a rare genetic condition called Osteogenisis Imperfecta which causes underdeveloped lungs and brittle bones, and means she failed to grow.

Stacey and her husband, Wil, who is 5ft 9ins, met in 2000 while working for a supermarket, and in 2004 they were desperate for a family after marrying. But the doctors warned her that a baby would grow so large inside her small body and might eventually crush her organs. Stacey was so hurt to hear this but she was pregnant 8 months later and the couple was so thrilled. Even though her family and doctors told her that she would die and begged the couple to consider the risks but she decided to go ahead.

Mrs Herald admits being pregnant is “uncomfortable” and now she and her husband together are raising Malachi, 7 months old, Makaya, 2, and Kateri, 3. The youngest and oldest have OI but their middle daughter is average height and stands a foot taller than her mum.


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      6 years ago

      ....well well well my sensational Susan this is the 'mother' of all hubs and such a fascinating read too - will post this most absorbing hub presentation to the Hubpages FB group with a link, post and a share.

      Sending to you my warmest wishes from cold snowy lake erie time ontario canada 9:43am

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      7 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      truly lina medina's record as world's youngest mom is unbeatable:

    • Heather McMillan profile image

      Heather McMillan 

      7 years ago from Hampton, VA

      Wow, very interesting!


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