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Most Inspiring Quotes and Positive Affirmations with Emotional Meaning.

Updated on August 2, 2014

Meaningful Inspiring Quotes

I have put together some of the most meaningful and most Inspiring Quotes that have a lot of meaning to me over the last few years. You may like them too depending on what your life has dealt you over the years, or what you need to Inspire you to Succeed and Excel in your life. I hope the Quotes I am sharing here may help some of you as they have me over the years.

Meaningful Quotes

Believe in Yourself

We are all human and we all are different, believing in ourselves and in what we truly can accomplish in life if we desire it. It matters to most how people see us or perceive us, but deep down inside it is how we truly feel about ourselves that matters the most. We need to feel good, accomplished and succeed in some area of our lives to create a boost of who we are and what we truly can become if we only set our minds to it. My brother once said something to me that has stuck in my head for years, he said; If you really want something, go for it and do not give up till you get it, only you can make up your mind for what you want, you have to want it bad enough and when you do, don't stop till you get it!

I have always admired many positive things and positive people, it may be for many reasons but for the most part I feel it has started from when I was a Senior in high school, being pregnant. Listening to so many negative people how they put you down and think just because you are pregnant you can no longer achieve or succeed in life. Success and achievement comes from within each and everyone of us. Some may not care and some do. My goal was to graduate and yes many times in my life I wanted to crawl in a hole or stay in bed from morning sickness but I would have to mentally tell myself over and over that I will achieve what I set my mind to and no one will win this but me. I can be very determined when I set a goal for myself and that was one battle that I was so proud I achieved.

I know I am not the only person in this world that has been up and down in relationships in their lives. Mine has had a lot of impact on my life. In a few of them I have been knocked down emotionally.

I remember as a child how I dreamed of the perfect fairy princess wedding and life with the man I fell in love with. Well what happened to that dream? I hit reality, life can be a bed of roses for some but it has never been for me. Do not get me wrong I have been happy in love and would like it if it always stayed that way in all three of my relationships. Life happens, and when it goes the wrong way we all need to be strong and pick ourselves up and keep moving on to something bigger and brighter.

It is the bad things in our life that changes us in who we are and who we become.

It is a lesson we never would have known and it only makes us stronger.

We will feel it when things are crashing down on us but then it starts looking brighter and we begin to believe it was all for a reason and hope that in our new beginnings we will do better and this time know what we need to do next to improve our situation.

We are not getting any younger, and as the years roll by you realize just how precious life is and we need to live it like there will be no tomorrow. Every day upon waking I thank the man up above for giving me another day. So many people want riches and material things instead of focusing on what really is important in their lives. Life, family, food in their bellies, a job, roof over their head, friends that are there to help you and lift you up when you are down. These are only some things that matter the most to me. You hear so many that have so much in life and brag about those material items and then you look at others who wish they had only their lives, being told they have so many days or months to live and all they pray and want is to have the illness go away, they want LIFE! So in ending I want to tell you all to go for you dreams, live your life, be happy and stay positive. Enjoy your life, you only get one, make it the most meaningful and love your family and friends. Most of all never let negative people ruin your dreams and what you want to accomplish in your one life.


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    • shabbychicmomma profile image

      Cheryl Wortman 3 years ago from Keizer,Oregon

      Thank you daughter, that means a lot to me. Love you

    • profile image

      tasha your loving daughtet 3 years ago

      Love it.. your my inspiration.. you have been through so much and have been strong no natter what hits ur road... love you and stay positive as u always are..