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Mother Had Cancer

Updated on December 22, 2013

My mother in life

A fine entrerpreneur of fresh fruit and vegetables
A fine entrerpreneur of fresh fruit and vegetables

Letter to Ann & Society

Purposes for coming into Earth is the topic on a deeper level than I will discuss here. I believe mother and I had a contract I would be instrumental in helping her survive cancer if I would be born as her child. I'm writing this for my sister and brother who remain among the living with me, as last time I checked I was still among the living thus I will email this letter to them individually as well as share it on the internet for any interested party because as a layperson I believe I have an important message to the medical community about alternative cures for disease.

Ann, do you remember the evening you and mother showed up up on my doorstep in Bellflower, Ca and mother proceeded to announce the reason for the visit was that she had cancer? She couldn't have been but 59 at the time.

It was strange the words that came from my mouth. I blurted out words that you thought were off the wall and perhaps insensitive. Every fiber of my being was in those words, I just realized today. The words? Even in mid sentence as mother spoke about the procedure she would undergo in hospital, I butted in to say "They are going to kill you!"

A brief and pregnant silence filled the space between us three. I was certain of what I said, but I was still shocked at my own self to be saying the unspeakable. I'm convinced it was my mission to save her though from what I saw as totally unnecessary exploratory surgery. I didn't see her pulling through it. As well I saw her attitude wasn't good. She didn't see herself pulling through either. For one thing, if she were not marching straightway into the arms of death, she wouldn't have bothered to come see me, for I sensed she was saying goodbye to me.

So I had to say what I was feeling and thinking in as few words as possible and for once in her life I was allowed to be of service to mother, for together we changed the course of destiny. She did go to the hospital but left before they could perform their exploratory surgery thanks to the book I gave her entitled The Gerson Therapy. Mother told me later she stayed up the entire evening at the hospital reading this book.

How I wish I could have seen the faces of the doctors and nurses as she checked herself out. They must have been shocked at her behavior and it would have been funny to see the whole scene, as you know she could speak her mind rather well in no uncertain terms when she needed to. I think mom's life would make a great movie! As you know mom took the alternative cure but had to flee the country to get it. The Gerson Therapy book was the answer for her. And now there are many alternatives to chemotherapy which is all allopathic medicine can offer, a mere 3% chance of getting remission, such remission is not a cure.

Mother with my twins

Picture of mom a few years before the fateful night of her visit, with her grand babies.
Picture of mom a few years before the fateful night of her visit, with her grand babies.

Two Reasons for Illness

Nowadays I see even more reason to walk away from allopathic medicine than I did back then. There are only two reasons to be sick:

1) You are toxic; meaning there are pathogens, virus or bad bacteria, poisons or metals in the bodywhich don't belong there.

2) Your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to fight or eliminate the toxins.

So Ann, you are doing the right thing to follow in mother's foot steps, as we do what works, we don't jump off a cliff just because that's the traditional thing to do and somebody with authority says it's the only way. You learned from watching mother. I'm proud of you!

It is time we all become our own doctor if we would desire to live to a ripe old age in good health.

Before we can rebuild the body's cellular system we have to clean the house first, we have to detox the body then we can move the new furniture into the new house, with the finest building blocks of nutrition. We don't have to accept conventional means of getting well just because that's what most doctors offer. And we don't think that healing occurs overnight. It took many years to get this toxic where everyone is getting cancer, it may take years to clear it up as well and undo the damage. It requires a new lifestyle of what you are going to put into your body. It requires some thought and study about how long you want to live and how well you want to feel. It means making new decisions about that.

We have to face it, we are all toxic. If you don't have cancer, you have something else, but cancer seems to be the biggie in this land. And it is surely very profitable business for the drug companies, wouldn't you say? Things are changing, as we discussed you will find here and there a shining doctor who is willing to try something new.

Basically processed foods made with bleached flour, and refined sugar are two of the worst culprits in our society. But you will learn of all this in Mexico I'm sure.

Remember Ann, they had already told mother she had only 3 months to live. The way I saw it, if she had only 3 months to live, what is the good of exploratory surgery? They already knew the cancer was in the lymph nodes, in the liver, etc. Why cut up a person when they already know it's bad? I can only think they wanted her money. And I don't think she had insurance. She was going to fork over cash. I saw them using my mother's body like you would a guinea pig in a lab and I couldn't see her going under the knife for the sake of educative purposes. Not MY mother!

You can see why it was easier to help her change her mind by just announcing to mother they were going to kill her as they were seeing her as already dead and they had told her as much. They may not have had the intention to kill her of course, but what you do not know, can hurt you, as well they did not have knowledge of alternative cures. Ignorance is not bliss. Toxins do build up in the body over years. They must be removed in order to get healthy.

I'm so glad mother did not die of cancer. She died of something else about 25 years later. I'm aware she got a pacemaker at age 84 so it must of have been her heart gave out. What I'm more aware of is that she lived much longer than the 3 months they had given her, and she didn't die of cancer, and I do think she was checked for cancer and found free of it after taking the Gerson cure. I was glad I had something to do with that! Love to you, please stay well and it's not really the quantity of years, but the quality that really counts. I'm so glad you called me the other day.


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