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Motion Sickness Relief With Dramamine, Less Drowsy Formula

Updated on July 19, 2014

I have suffered with motion sickness for many years and have tried different remedies to help with the feelings of nausea while traveling.

Dramamine, Motion Sickness Relief

If you suffer from motion sickness, it may be hard for you to travel because of the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and sometimes even vomiting. I have suffered from motion sickness ever since I was a small child. Sometimes, I will even get sick on short car rides, so it makes traveling an uncomfortable experience.

I have used Dramamine years ago, but I remembered falling asleep every time I used it. I would feel very drowsy and unable to enjoy the first day of any vacation when I would take it prior to leaving the house. I recently decided to try Dramamine again, but I now take it before bedtime. I bought Dramamine less drowsy formula, in hopes that it would not cause me to feel too drowsy or sleepy.

Unfortunately, even the less drowsy formula knocked me out and made me feel drowsy for most of the day. So, instead of taking this motion sickness relief product right before I leave the house, I take it the night before I leave or many hours before. I prefer the night because it actually helps me to get better sleep.

This product still makes me very drowsy, even though it says that it is a less drowsy formula. I either have to take it many hours before traveling or take only half of a pill. Other than the drowsiness, Dramamine works excellent at keeping the nausea away during car rides. I am able to go for a trip in the car without experience all of the symptoms of motion sickness.

I am so pleased with this product and I would recommend it to anyone else who suffers from motion sickness. The product is inexpensive, reliable and helps to make car trips more bearable. I am sure it would also help motion sickness from traveling in a boat, plane or train as well.

My only advice would be to take it many hours before traveling so that it does not make you feel as drowsy when you reach your destination. This product can prevent nausea for up to 24 hours, so the product will still be effective if you take it several hours before traveling. I have used this product 12 hours before traveling and it worked wonderfully. I felt no sickness at all while I was traveling as a passenger in a car on a long car ride.

Motion Sickness

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    • preweb profile image

      preweb 3 years ago from UK

      Thanks sunshine days for your information. I try at pharmist.

    • Sunshine Days profile image

      Sunshine Days 3 years ago

      This particular formula is for adults and children who are 12 years of age and older. Dramamine has another motion sickness relief product for children called Dramamine Kids. This is suitable for children who are 2 years old and over.

    • preweb profile image

      preweb 3 years ago from UK

      Is this medicine good for kids under 5.