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Motivation Techniques to Get More Out of Each Workout

Updated on July 6, 2010

I have always had a hard time staying motivated to work out. I go through cycles where working out is easy and then a week later, it’s the last thing that I want to do. These cycles are worse for you than just working out once or twice each week because your body cannot get into a good rhythm of workout and recuperation. Fortunately, I have developed three different techniques that help me stay focused and on schedule with my workouts.

My first motivational technique is to buy supplements. I have had a problem with my weight my whole life, so I buy L Carnitine and Chromium. If I take these two supplements, I feel like I have more energy for my workout. I also am extremely frugal and the idea of wasting the possible benefits from these supplements by not working out would drive me crazy. I realize that the energy benefit might just be psychological, but it really works for me and it might just be the think that helps you to stay focused. Do a little research on what supplements can help you achieve your own personal health goals and see if they help your motivation as well.

My second motivational technique is to download my favorite music for my MP3 player. I recently rediscovered some old Metalica instrumental tracks from the 80s and a ton of other blood-pumping music that I have loaded up and ready to go with each workout. Listening to music has been proven to help increase each workout by up to 15%. This means that you are more motivated to push yourself when you are rocking out or lost in some fantastic music. Television can also help me forget about what I am doing. I can workout longer and harder if my mind is constantly pulled away to something else. I do better watching action movies or very in-depth scientific shows, but I’m sure that it’s different for everyone.

The final motivator that I use is having a workout kit. I have a special water bottle. It is a small jug with a handle that supposedly holds the amount of water that every adult should drink every day. I put a handful of ice cubes in it, and try to keep working out until I finish it. I also have a Body Armor shirt that I bought that really shows off my arms and my still oversized stomach. These small items may seem unimportant, but the ritual of filling the water bottle and putting on the shirt really seems to put me in the right mood to work out. Just make sure that you wash your workout clothes often. You don’t need to pass out from your own smell!

With a little trial and error and a little more research, I am sure that you can find the special tips and tricks that you need to motivate yourself to stick with your workout plan. Remember; once you make it a true routine, you will not even think about the need to workout, you will just do it.


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