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Motivation and Momentum

Updated on July 28, 2016

The motivation to change is normally driven by the fact that we are unhappy with our current state and are forced to change. Sometime you might not have clear picture of where you are going just that you want to change.

When I think about life the term swings and roundabouts leaps out of my subconscious. There’s no certainty just your present state of mind, hopefully a vision for the future and memories of the past. My past is what drives me forward; I try to be gratefully for the present moment and be happy in it! and to have a clear vision for the future.

Currently my clear vision for the future is a bit misty and I have been operating primarily on faith. One of things I have learned in life is that went we change, we go from something we know (that is reality) and then transform a vision into a reality. It can scare the shite out you and part of your mind will often tell you to turn back to what you know but we all have to push through this. Through the misty we can make our visions a reality and this is partly why I am writing this article.

At the moment my goals are all about personal education and developing the necessary skills to change direction in my career but I have applied my motivational process to other things. But I wanted to ask what kind of goals you are going after?


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