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Weight Loss: How-To Get Started Losing Weight Using Your Brain

Updated on May 15, 2015

Weight Loss Motivation

You can spend your time thinking about whatever you want, so why not think about being thin. You'll get closer to your goal if you make these thoughts part of your daily program. It's best to keep your thoughts positive so you'll stay motivated. Don't waste time getting down on yourself about gaining. It's not productive, and it can stop you in your tracks faster than you realize. Instead focus on what's good about you. Focus on the idea that you're now going to start a new way of living.

When you stop at the mirror don't say anything to yourself about being ugly, fat, or sloppy. Instead say things that are hopeful. Things that make you feel good. It's easier to accept what you see when you've got a plan to make yourself better. We all know though, that it takes time so be patient. Not so patient that you forget what you're doing, but enough so that you can live with yourself until you're transformed into a lean machine.

The hard thing about this is getting going on that first day. The easiest place to start is with your nutrition. Since eating is something you do on regular basis why not start thinking about it from a healthy perspective. You know you wouldn't eat fried eggs, hash browns and sausage for breakfast if you were conscious of what you were doing. That's too much butter, potatoes, and cured meat for someone on a reducing plan. Instead you could have protein oatmeal, orange juice and fruit. There's always a choice.

To make sure you can choose healthy alternatives at each meal start with a detailed shopping list. You should make this list when you're rested, full, and happy. It helps if you watch a few cooking shows, and read over a few magazines first. Or you could go online and look up recipes that include your favorite ingredients. The idea is to saturated your mind with low calorie protein packed meal ideas.

So you see you're already thinking thin. Take this mentality to the grocery store. Start in the produce section. Make sure you collect lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can add these you your plate at every meal so it looks full, but is lower in calories. This visual helps so you don't feel deprived.

When you get home place the fruits and vegetables on the counter in fancy bowls so you can see them every time you walk into the kitchen. Then you'll think about grabbing an apple and eating it before each meal so you overeat. When you go into the frig you should have bottled water and fresh iced tea to drink instead of the pop that might be lurking there. Also keep sliced carrots and celery, and peppers bagged up for a quick snack. You're going to eat what you see when you open the door so make sure to have little yogurt dips and peeled fruit in there too.

When you're on the go an insulated lunch box with ice blocks can help you stay away from fast food. So pack your bran muffins, turkey sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and protein bars and reach in whenever you need a little boost in blood sugar. Keeping these snacks at hand can help you stay on track. When you have something already prepared you're bound to eat every few hours. When you do this you don't eat too much. You don't feel like you're starving, and you're not.

After you get home and have dinner it might be time to think about some exercise. A quick trip to the workout room a few times a week could be all you need to tone up those muscles. If you don't feel like working out with weights or doing floor exercises you could choose to go for a walk out in nature. There's nothing like a little stress reduction with your workout. If you need a reminder each day set out your gym shoes where you can see them when you get home. The point is to get moving any way you can.

If you want a way to start thinking about getting in shape Sparkpeople online can help you keep track of your nutrition and exercise, as well as give you the support you need to succeed, and it's free.

Having a plan makes you believe you can lose weight and be healthy.You can get a plan from your doctor or research different plans out in the community. Just get a plan going. If you can't find one make one up for yourself.

So pack away those skinny clothes, and get some that fit you right now. You know, some inexpensive things that stretch, have drawstrings, and long tops you can belt as you lose weight. Taking care of this aspect of weight loss will help you feel good about yourself while you're progressing.

Think positive about each thing you do to achieve you goals. Think positive about the idea that you're looking for a way to make your desires happen.


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