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Seasonal Motivation

Updated on March 11, 2013

Four Seasons

If it feels like you're supposed to be doing something, then you probably are. Only in winter, it's harder than other times of the year to just get going everyday. We have to arm ourselves with an arsenal of equipment so to speak, in order to survive with little light, and cold soggy sights each morning.

Here are some ideas to get your day off to a positive start. First of all don't be in a rush. Do everything you can the night before so you'll be relaxed while you're getting prepared for your next 24 hours on the planet. Think about what you see first, and what you do when you get up.Try waking up to music instead of an alarm. Alarms are alarming. You don't want to wake up in a panic mode. Next, a little inspirational sign next to the bathroom mirror might help get your thinking on an optimistic path. I have one in my kitchen that reads"Look How Far You've Come,Imagine How Far You Can Go."

Then, there's your coffee cup. Do you like to revel in the ritual of "having coffee" or, do you just like to grab it and go? If you like to languish during your coffee or tea time, invest in a pretty little set you can save just for mornings. If you're an on- the- go type of person, get a great insulated travel mug in your favorite color, or one of those stainless steel types.

After you've dealt with the actual waking part of the day you might want to injest a little protein, and fruit perhaps. If you're not starving, you'll definitely be more focused. If you're really motivated you could do a little exercise to get those endorphins flowing in your brain. Although, you might want to do this before you eat. You'll just feel more comfortable while you're moving all around. You'll feel lighter and you'll be better able to be active, even if it is for a mere 15 minutes. That's all my girlfriend Sue says she does. She's been the cutest little thing for as long as I can remember. She looks 30 but, she's got three older children, Maybe one quarter of an hour is all you need to look and feel great.

Another item that should be on your winter to-do list is to have a little fun everyday. It can be as simple as playing word games with friends, watching a movie, shopping, or something adventurous like taking a ride around your hometown in a helicopter like a tourist would.Enjoy your winter wonderland, stay moisturized, curl up by the fire, and as often as you can, get out in the light..

Okay, you're out the door. Pop in a motivational CD instead of whatever you usually listen to on the way to work. You'll be surprised how this kind of stuff sets the tone for the whole day. If you want more inspiration, go out at lunch and listen some more. Do whatever you can to stay motivated during the winter.


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