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Do You Have To Go To Holiday Happenings?

Updated on March 15, 2013

Holiday Activities

Think about it. If you just didn't go to all of those holiday parties what would happen? Would you enjoy yourself in your slippers and robe drinking hot chocolate?

Can we ever really opt out of the holidays like that? It could be like some kind of dream. You know, one in which you don't have to go through all of the hoopla surrounding the winter holidays .How about it? If you didn't have to shop, cook, clean, travel, visit, or deal with family problems, how would you feel about the holidays then? Different maybe huh? I watch Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation," every year before I got out into the craziness that starts even before Halloween.

Of course, I will say that we do all of this for the childlren. It's our duty to bring holiday fantasy to life for them. Whether it was a part of our childhood or not, most people who celebrate the holidays enjoy carrying on traditions, or they take pleasure in starting new ones.

My husband and I did the Santa thing for my son until the neighbor boy told him Santa wasn't real. You know what we told our son? We said that we were bringing the story of "Twas the Night Before Christmas," to life for him. He could see, even at his young age that, that's what we were doing. Ever since, year after year, he just kept on letting us do it. He loved it.

So I feel, to want to dismiss the holidays and not carry on the same tradition for my new granddaughter, I would be cheating myself of the pleasure of the whole fantasy. I would be letting "it" get the best of me. I would be backing down in the face of challenge. I can't do that. Some part of me wishes I could though.


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