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Visiting Patients At The Hospital

Updated on March 12, 2013

Quality Of Life

Before you go to the hospital, nursing home, or anywhere else you may have to be in the cheering section, think about what the patient likes. What are his or her interests? What little things could you do during your visit to bring round their best spirits?

Whether it's a man, woman, or child you can bring grooming items to use while you talk. For women it can be make-up, hair styles, and mani-pedi's. For men, it can be a shave, some nice scent, and a dab or gel in the hair. For anyone, a hand and, or a foot massage could be well received. Besides it gives you something to do other than just sit there and fold your arms looking like you want to leave. Also, photo albums, mini recorders with messages, and reminders, and calendars, make life easier for the memory challenged on a daily basis whether they're in the hospital or not.

Another great thing to bring along on any visit to cheer someone, is their favorite books and magazines. It seems the ones with the celebrities always start great conversations, thereby taking the patient's mind off their illness, even if only for a short time. Puzzles and other mini games you can play on a small surface are great time consumers, and entertaining as well. Colored pencils, or pastels along with a small art pad can entertain the patient when you're not there. You can also leave books on CD's and a small player. Sometimes it's just easier to put on the headphones and not worry about turning the page. In many cases the person may not be able to turn pages. If that is true, leave a DVD behind each time you visit too.

If your friend or loved one is going to be stranded somewhere for a long time, a handy little laptop desk with paper, pens, envelopes, stamps, cards, and an address book full of names can really make their days while spending a lot of time in bed. Keeping in touch with people outside the hospital or nursing home is good for those living in these situations whether it be for a short, or a long time. Basically you know what you're doing there. You're trying to give the person some kind of hope that in the near future or at least sometime, they won't have to suffer like they are currently.


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    • profile image

      picadilly 6 years ago

      I work in a hospital...awesome ideas!! Kados to you for putting your thoughts in print and spreading some positive cheer for the folks, and children recuperating in a hospital.

    • networmed profile image

      networmed 6 years ago from SPL

      Probably the most important medicine a person can get in the hospital is inspiration. Inspiration triggers something in the brain that makes one forget he/she is sick.

    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 6 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      You are right on,Lisa! What a great Hub, really some good ideas.

    • profile image

      EvansP 6 years ago

      Some great ideas, Lisa. Reminds me of when my nan was ill and in hospital. She always used to love having her arms and hands tickled. So we used to take it in turns to sit by her and tickle her arms! Strange, but it kept her happy!

    • Leah Helensdottr profile image

      Leah Helensdottr 6 years ago from Colorado

      Good ideas, Lisa. I especially like the idea of having something to do other than sit there with folded arms looking like I want to leave. Good hub--voted it useful.