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Interior Design:Decorating A Nursing Home Space

Updated on August 12, 2016

When you live at home you change the décor every so often to make yourself feel good. So why not bring that same inspiration to doing a nursing home room. When you think about it, it's probably the smallest space you've ever decorated. That means it can be easy.

First of all, you've got to talk to your loved one and find out what they like. You know, what makes them happy. You can do this by flipping through some magazines, or checking out new home interiors on a computer, phone, or pad. You can get lots of ideas from doing this.

You might find something that sparks an interest in your outdoor enthusiast. It would consist of colors you'd find in the woods, and on beaches and trails. Changing the wall color in this room to a sea blue, will freshen up the room. If they don't allow painting, you might try something that's easily removable with no mess. All you have to do is get some fabric in a color or pattern that you like and dip it in liquid starch. Then you spread it smoothly onto the wall and let it dry. When you want to remove it, you just peel it off. After you change the walls in this room, you could add some natural dark grained tables, and picture frames, and perhaps a wooden coat stand. Game animals could be in the frames, and the comforter could have a deer print. To top it off you might try some fur pillows and a bear skin rug.

Don't forget mirrors. They can reflect light and help the person remember who they are. Photographs are a great idea for the elderly. If you can hang some of them, put the persons name next to their picture. You know how anyone can forget the names of relatives or friends that they don't see all of the time.

For the ladies, a garden themed room is a popular choice. Bringing in a small trellis to place near the window starts this room off nicely. Then paint it white. The look is fresh! White on the trellis, and as a background to colorful flowers on the comforter. The pillows would be in the colors from the print. A lampshade with a pop of color, and several plants can round out this look.

Children's rooms are always fun to decorate. When it's in a nursing home, or a rehab center it must be lively though. The most important thing is the comforter. You must have a few different comforters that can mix with the rest of the décor. It's important to keep things changing for kids. They're favorite color is something that they seem to have running through everything. So go wild with it. If it's purple, do the bed, pillows, rugs, picture frames, and stuffed animals in purple.

Let your imagination go when you approach decorating, and don't be afraid to change it often.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Useful tips, bright color help to brighten up their mood