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Personal Development: Inspiration Seeking

Updated on October 2, 2019


The best way to feel inspired is to get together with a partner and go for it.

When you feel inspired and ready for anything it's a great feeling. A feeling that should not go without saying. A feeling that needs to be expressed.. It's great to be motivated. Keep seeking that which makes you want to go on living.

You know those little colorful word messages that pop up on your inbox, or those little signs that say things like, "FAITH," "HOPE," "LOVE," and "CELEBRATE," well these are literal inspirations. But, there are many other ways to get motivated. We just have to look and listen for them in our daily lives.

Really, it's about perspective. If you have a bad attitude and you look at something it's probably not going to do anything for you. I mean that it is not going to get you up out of your chair and get you jumping for joy. Okay, a lot of things out there aren't going to do that either, but some messages will get in that mind of yours if you're ready to observe and be touched by the world around you.

So I guess, you have to find a way to relax enough to feel open to anything. You can do this through hobbies, by cleaning your junk drawer. I don't know. Do whatever relaxes you and do it often enough for it to make a difference in the way you feel. Feel good for taking the time to do something for yourself. Feel a relaxed mood hover about you as you indulge in what makes you know that you're really living your life.

Now, when you get up in the morning if the sun's shining or least it's not raining, you can take that as you're first sign, that for that minute things are okay,.Or, you may even have a better attitude and think that this warrants a "great," instead of a just "okay."

As you drive along on your path out into the world you are challenged by the traffic, the noise, the people. All of it. Well, you can either look at this as a problem of you can do something about it. I like to listen to motivational CD's in the car, and keep a look out for great vanity plates. Some are inspirational. Some are funny too.

If someone says( for what you hope, is the last time you'll hear it), "Have a nice day," actually believe that they mean it. Don't just blow it off. Think. Maybe they feel good and want to spread that feeling. Have some faith in people.

Before I do anything in the morning I like to read the quote for the day out of my "Daily Book of Positive Quotations." It's got quotes from all kinds of well-known people. It's inspirational. I like to spend some part of my day reading motivational books, and listening to people like Tony Robbins, a guru in the motivational world.

When I see or read a news story I try and see if there's anything good about the situation in the story. If there's not, I usually put the paper down or turn the channel.

At work, if someone didn't leave a rotten lunch in the frig for days, that might be an occasion to celebrate. How about if someone brings in doughnuts, or gets you a cup of coffee? Can you be happy about that? Now, if you're sitting there getting blown off by people on the phone you can change your spiel, draw funny pictures on your notepad, or play games on the computer. Maybe then you won't be bothered by negativity coming from other people.

After work, if you get home with enough time to whip something up in the kitchen before you starve to death, you're lucky. You're even luckier if you've already prepared something, or if you somehow have someone cooking for you. What a way to go.

In the evening when computers and TV"s, and games resonate their noises from everywhere, don't complain if someone's using the computer or playing in the TV rooms At least you've got a computer and a TV. When you've shut off any noisy items and you still hear noise from the other room, put in earplugs, listen to calming waves, or a rain storm on your sound machine.

Life can be good or bad. It all depends on our perspective. Our zest for life. Our choice to be happy.We can find things to motivate us.


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