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Groups End Boredom

Updated on March 21, 2013

Join A Group To Get Motivated

Look just about anywhere and you'll find a new group forming. If you want to get out and about instead of sitting around doing nothing, join a group or two. There are groups of people gathering all around your town, You just have to sit down at your computer for a minute or so and there they'll be, practically right across the street from wherever you are. They could be in someone's living room, or they could be in a huge arena. It just depends on the group and how many members it has. All you really need is people with the same interests that live in the same geographical area.

There are grief groups; networking groups; social media groups; doggie social groups; divorce groups; parents, childrens, and teen groups; photo groups; diet, and exercise groups; groups for tall people; smart people; people in therapy; people who study, and people that need 12-steps. Any hobby or special interest could be the basis of a group if you care to start one sometime. The established ones out there would probably be the best place to go so you can see how different groups function.

According to clinical psychologists, Robert and Janine Boulle there is a way successful groups conduct themselves. Some of them expect confidentiality. Others just request regular attendance, punctuality, and good manners. The Boulle's say there is a best way to be a member of any group: focus on the present; notice others' reactions; don't blame; listen; experiment with new behaviors, and experiment with self disclosure.

There are reasons you might like to join a group. You'll meet new people, you;ll partake in your hobby or special interest, and you'll get out of the house, thereby staving off boredom, You'll feel alive again if you've been avoiding social situations for a time.

What you'll find in groups out there, is very often if the group is large, little sub-groups will form. In the smaller groups you'll make lots of friends because you have more time to get to know one another. It's easy due to the fact that you already have one shared interest from the start.


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