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Weight Loss: Looking And Feeling Good While Losing

Updated on June 3, 2015


When you're overweight and you look in the mirror it's hard to find anything to feel good about. We tell ourselves how bad we look, and then we feel worthless. It's even harder to do something about the situation. We feel like there isn't anything that can be done. It seems until we lose weight our lives are on hold.

That shouldn't be the case. Not if we want to start feeling better right away. Now! Not it six months from now. Today. This minute. Okay, you say what can I do short of wishing for something impossible? You can start by getting an idea of how you want to present yourself. Look at pics of your favorite celebrities and how they've gained weight over the years. They don't let themselves go. They work with what they've got, and they do it well. Find someone that is about your age that has a style you like. See how they put things together, and start to look for things like this in your own wardrobe.

When it comes down to it you may have to invest in some clothes now even before you lose anything. If you want to save money you could go to some of your local resale shops. Here you won't feel as bad spending less on these items that will no longer fit you once you've reached your goal. It does seem like it would be a waste, but the effect it will have on your self-esteem in unmeasurable. If money is not a concern buy something each time you arrive at the next size down.

When you're getting ready to go out shopping start doing something different with your hair. Find a new style, change the color or get a great cut. New make-up is a great way for the ladies to change things up. A nice fresh face can go a long way in making you feel good. It's easy to spot current trends by watching lead anchors on daily news shows. They're always up to date when it comes to daytime fashion. For evening looks check out what they're doing on the red carpet.

After you get an idea of what might look good on you start making small changes right away. Instead of dressing in the same old jogging suit try something else casual like drawstring pants and a loose shirt. Look different every day. Experiment. Pretend like you've already lost the weight and put your best self forward. When you look your best you automatically feel good, and why wouldn't you? Try sprucing yourself up and see how you feel. Maybe you've got some incredible changes ahead, but now you can forge ahead with more self-esteem. More self love.

When you feel better everything just seems to go better. All of the little things don't matter as much because you've got a brighter outlook. Challenges are something that you can look forward to, instead of getting overwhelmed by them. All of this can stem from your new attitude and perspective on life. You'll have more fun and live in the present if you take care of yourself.

The important thing about transforming yourself is that you keep up with the change. That means you get up every day and prepare yourself for the world, whether you're going out or not. What you really want to do, is to do this for yourself. Even when you're not looking in the mirror, you will just know that you're the best you can be for the day.


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