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Is Patience a Virtue

Updated on March 12, 2013

Practicing Patience

You know you hear people say all of the time that "Patience is a virtue. Is it important that we be virtuous? People also say it's better to have virtues instead of vices. So I guess when you hear it that way it seems important. When it comes to patience it does have to be learned. If you grow up sharing with your siblings you're all set up to be patient. I grew up with seven brothers and one sister. We are all close in age. Believe me, when someone wanted to play with something for example, we had to learn to wait and practice patience. It wasn't easy. But, when that's all you know, you accept it easier.

When my only child was growing up I got to thinking about whether or not he'd be able to be patient and share with his friends in pre-school, or to take turns on the playground. Right away I got him enrolled in group activities and made sure he had plenty of play dates with neighborhood friends or kids he'd meet in baby gym class. This was nice for me too. I'd get a chance to spend time with the other kids' moms and talk about things we were interested in or our part time jobs. I was really glad to talk to other adults because at that time I was a stay-at-home mom.

I guess you could say that I learned how to be patient with myself and share my life too. I learned I could be a good parent and still concern myself with interests outside realm of parenting. Sharing for my child though, was important to me. It gave him a chance to see how he could make other people happy. It taught him that the world didn't revolve around him. It's hard to have patience, share or take turns with a coveted object or with someone's time. The best way to share a room for example, is to make up some sort of schedule. This would include specific times that each person would have the room to himself to work or just be alone. I guess this goes with a lot of things: ipods; computers; CD players; DVD's:Ipads or phones.


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