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Living Our Dreams

Updated on March 12, 2013

Don't Forget Your Dreams

Do your dreams include a canopy bed with roses and lace all around? Do they include a great guy to invite into your lair?

You just can't be afraid of your dreams anymore. You've heard that we should "live each day as if it were our last." Well, we should. I know, I do. I do something everyday working on each one of my dreams You can too. Doing this makes me feel that I'm really living my life and not someone else's.

A long time ago I wanted to graduate from high school. It seems this should be pretty easy, but it's not for everyone. In my case I was not prepared for school. I was not taught to study and do well. I have eight siblings so I guess that's how someone could fall through the cracks.

In my case I moved out of my Mother's house the day I turned 17. I was not prepared to live on my own, and I had to finish high school.. I had either two years of day school or one year of night school. I chose the one year plan. I went four nights a week for four hours a night hitching a ride with friends or taking the bus in the dark. I didn't have my license. Even if I did I didn't have the money or credit to buy a car. I also took a meaningless job during the day to support myself. I graduated in one year with A's in most of my classes.

After high school I got a job in my Uncle's bar. Then I started to work on a dream that I've always had. That is to be a model, and an actor in TV commercials. I spent the money from the bar on supporting myself and attending modeling and acting school. I missed out on a commercial for an inhouse project for one of the top three car manufactures in Detroit. I couldn't do it because I had a blister on my hand from racking leaves the weekend before. The job included close-up shots of the actor pointing at different things on the dashboard of the car. I also missed out on competing for the Miss Michigan competition because I went off and got married.

Right now, many, many years later I am embarking on a modeling and acting career. Since modeling school I have studied more acting and vocal training. I'm putting together a model and actor headshot.This is a photographic resume used in the industry.

In college I decided I wanted to be a writer. I had dreamed of putting my ideas out there for everyone to see. So, I spent four years at University. Next, I wrote for a nearby newspaper doing mostly feature stories. In addition I've written public relations materials like: press releases; newsletters; brochures, flyers, and public service announcements for radio, TV, and newspapers.

In the past I wanted to express myself through art. So, I took a watercolor class over and over learning something new each semester. Since then I'v painted my pictures and created three dimensional art for my home.

I wanted to and still do want to lose more weight. I joined an online program and started hiking five K in the woods.

When I was in school and studied voiceovers I loved it. I never knew how to go about doing this as a profession. Then a class came along last year, and I took it. Then I enrolled in a Master's program in voiceovers for radio,,TV, corporations, schools and more. This built on the job I had at a radio station in school. I did the news, sports, weather, and theatre reviews. I'm now doing a voiceover job for a major university down South.

What these experiences prove is that you can work on your dreams and make them come true. All you have to do it want your dreams more than anything, and somehow you'll make it happen.


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 6 years ago from Georgia

      Inspiring hub. You have certainly taken on your dreams. Admirable.