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How-To Wait

Updated on March 12, 2013


We just don't like to wait. All we do is sit there and think about all of the other, more important things we have to do.

To me, the worst thing is to have to wait to go into the bathroom. This is a situation in which you pretty much have to wait, because you can't do anything else, or something will happen. But, aside from this everything else is workable.

In the morning, getting kids up for school can be all about waiting. You know, you've got to get them fed, washed, dressed and ready for a day of learning. Everything that goes into that preparation takes time for them to do. So, what do you do while you're teaching them how to do for themselves. I guess you have to help the little ones with just about everything so that's what you're doing while waiting on the other children. And, making lunches, finding clothes, and homework, Next, they'll wait for the bus. If you're down at the bus stop you can catch up with neighbors, make your list of things to do for the day, or return a quick phone call.

If we're off to battle the city for the day we end up waiting in traffic, or for the bus or the train.In many cities it's okay to talk on a speaker phone in the car, or you could listen to audio books, or motivational CD's. On the bus,train, subway, in a cab, the People Mover, a trolly car, or on an airplane you can read, work on your computer, i.e., make notes for your meeting; play games; send emails, or research the latest canditates on your dating site. If you don't bring your computer with you, you can listen to your ipod, actually read a book , talk on the phone, or use it to texted, or get on the net.

If we work with other people we sometimes have to wait on them. This may just be part of the job, but, nevertheless you have to wait. It seems at work there's always something else to do, so it shouldn't be hard to do something while the rest of team is getting their contributions ready.

While waiting for dinner a restaurant you can play games on your phone or play footsies under the table.

When it comes to lines the phone is always the best and easiest way to pass the time, unless you enjoy talking to people you don't know.

The bottom line is that you shouldn't sit around "waiting." It's not worth it. Do something else and you won't be impatient. Just plan for a waiting situation and you'll never have to dread it again.


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