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"Red Flags"

Updated on March 18, 2013

Be Aware

Popping in a health DVD while smoking while watching a neighbor out the window on her morning walk is enough to make anyone stop to appreciate the irony.The "red flags" in life are only visible if we open our eyes to our feelings. If we know what we feel we know what we need. In turn our needs help us notice signs or messages in the world. These serve to reinforce what we already know is right for us. The can motivate us to action.

In the case of the exerciser the red flag ws both literal and figurative. I mean, she was exercising in a red outfit of all things. I needed a red flag when it comes to exercise. It's hard to think about. but, I know once I'm doing it, even if only a little bit of it, it's not so bad. It's really never as hard as we make ourselves to believe.

Living in an empty nest after raising my son made me think about what direction I wanted to take with my career. Now I'm doing everything I ever dreamed of.

Loving every minute of every day was "red flag" to me after I lost weight I learned that I feel absolutely great at a lighter weight. That's why I'm doing it again.

Getting sick of doing not-so-great jobs was a "red flag" to me. I knew when I was knee deep in water filled boots in 100 degree temperatures watering plants in a greenhouse that I could not keep doing these taxing jobs. I couldn't continue if I had to do something I didn't want to do in the career realm. After this, I got a bettter no nonsense job and enrolled in a four year university. It was the best thing I ever did.

After screaming at my husband one day when going through infertility, I took it as a bad sign, A "red flag" that said this persuit is not helping our lives, and that something had to be done. So, we stopped all the crazy baby producing activities and decided to live a life without children. That was in Oct. of 1986. I was pregnant by Dec. 31st that year. This is a perfect example of how a "red flag" can be anything. A feeling. Change. Circumstance. A situation. A quandary.

All you have to do is keep your eyes, your heart, your mind and your soul open to all that's going on in your world. We're always looking for direction and inspiration. You can find it if you actually start conducting yourself in a completely aware state..."living out loud," as the quote we've heard a lot describes.

Look, listen, hear, taste, and touch and you'll notice the "red flags" in your life.


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