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Updated on March 12, 2013

When Someone Listens In

Half of the time we don't even realize when we're being listened to without or knowledge. It's probably more than half of the time. It's probably most of the time. When you do know that someone has heard something you didn't want them to hear, you wonder what you're going to do about it. It's like, what can you really do once they've heard what you said? It's completely aggravating to know that you can't take back what came out of your mouth.

So, I guess the thing to do is to think of things you may be able to do to remedy the situation, should there be one after such an incident. The first thing I thought when I got in this type of tight spot was to let them hear me again on purpose. I thought I could say what I said in a different way. I thought I could include what I said along with a qualifying statement or two. This is something that has to be set up. Obviously you have to know when someone may be listening to you. So, you may have to wait for a time.

I thought about just telling the person what I really meant somehow, while in a conversation with them This would mean though, that I would have to get a banter going back and forth about a subject close to the one I'm concerned about.

Writing an email or a letter, or sending a text would mean that you know you've been overheard. You would have to admit that you know they listened in on you. I don't know if I could do this.

One thing that just crossed my mind is to do something. Something that would contradict what you said when they heard you and you didn't know it. Like, if something you said was something that could make someone feel insecure you could cook them a nice dinner. While eating you could talk about the fact that there are two sides to everything. Then you could focus on the positive side of the overheard conversation.

You could be as bad as them and listen in on them to see if they really heard what you said or not. I could never do this. It just wouldn't be right. Although I've got to do something. If you know of a way out of this situation, let me know. Thanks.


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