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Mental Health: Change

Updated on March 15, 2013

Dealing With Change

There you are one day, and you realize that things are not going to be the same anymore. What do you do then? I guess it depends on how you deal with change. Lots of things scramble our time and our plans: Changing jobs; getting married; divorcing; moving;having a child; illness, or suffering a great loss. Among all of the changes we go through as humans one thing common to each change seems to be a certain level of loss. It may only be for a second. It might just be that passing thought you could have any time. Or, it could be more serious. You could be in a sea of boxes not knowing where anything is. At the same time you're hungry, tired, stressed, and completely out of sorts. Everything that you normally do is different. Different place. Different people. Different situation.

You start to wonder how this happened, even if you know why. You doubt yourself somewhat. That doesn't make it easy to deal with the change happening in your life..You feel you need someone to come in and make you feel as comfortable as you did before everything turned in your life.

The first thing has got to be taking care of yourself. Now this isn't a time to go on a diet, or to start working out seven days a week. I mean eating, sleeping, showering, and talking to friends .If you find yourself skipping these things it might be time to talk to a doctor.

If you can somehow maintain your sanity throughout the process of the change you've made it over one hurdle.There you are. What you want is for things to be "normal." So to do that you need to have your computer set up and running, and you need the rest of your things organized, displayed or stored. You could do this all by yourself or you could enlist some buddies to help you.

I knew a woman once that said "Now I know what it's like to have all of your things all over the place. You can't relax..." She went on to mention how she only understood this now after having to move to another state for a job without much notice. She said she was told what it was like but didn't believe it until she had to live it herself.

In order to live through a time of great change in your life you have to appreciate each little progress you make along the way. You find when in this situation, little things really do mean a lot. That gratitude you feel in those moments that are few and far between will hopefully propel you to continue on your chosen path, and be happy about it.


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