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Give Your Workout Double Duty

Updated on March 16, 2013

Quick Exercise

I know. I know. You don't even want to talk about exercise. It's hard work. You have to get all dressed, and maybe go somewhere in your car. You just plain have to make a decision to do it and not do anything else for that period of time. Or, do you?

I'd say I don't like to exercise, but I do like it once I'm doing it Until something hurts that is. Anyway, a lot of people don't like to exercise because it's hard. So I have a solution for you. You can workout throughout the day without even realizing that by nightfall you've done at least thirty minutes of a workout.

A good start to the day is to stretch while you're still in bed. Stretch everything for as long as you can before you have to go to the bathroom. If you can stay there for a little longer, try isometric exercises. This is where you start at the top of your head and work your way down the body. You tighten and release the muscles in your face, arms, chest, abs butt, and legs. Starting out with one set of 15 on each body part is a good way to go. Remember though, that it is important to discuss this advice or any other plans with your doctor before embarking on them.

After you get up and start to wash your face, do facial exercises while you're scrubbing. Most often people say that the configurations that men do while their shaving are the same ones that help keep your face toned. Think about it. Why do men look younger as they age, and women look older?

While you're whipping up your morning smoothie you can do a set of 15 side leg lifts for your thighs. If you wash dishes by hand you can do a set of 15 knee lifts for your abs. You can try more knee lifts in the shower and that would make two sets. The second set of side leg lifts can be done while you're drying your hair in front of the mirror.

When you stop to answer a phone call put it on speaker mode and bend over at the waist and hold on to the back of a chair or a table and do a set of leg lifts for the rear end. If you're reading the newspaper on paper or on the computer you can fit in another set of back leg lifts.

As you run up and down the stairs doing your daily straightening around the house lift your knees a little higher so you'll work out your abs again. And, there's another set of ab work. To get the third set of abdominal exercises in try doing mini crunches while you're in the tanning booth. If you go in and stand up do the knee lifts for this body part.

If you're on break at work lift some weights. Do it right there next to your desk or go in the bathroom, or the break room. You can start with three or five pound weights. You know how to do arm curls for the biceps, and you can also to the military press where you start lifting the weights at chest level and then push them straight up to the top of your head. This will work out your forearms, chest, biceps, triceps and the set of muscles that run down the middle of your back. Continue to do sets of 15. If you can't, do as many as you can and work up to where you want to be gradually.

If you're going out for a walk at lunchtime wear some ankle weights and you'll increase your workout value. Also while you have on the weights do some pushing up on your toes and placing your feet back on the ground for a set of 15. This will work out your calves.

If you find that at the end of the day you wanted to get in complete set of each exercise, then finish up while brushing your teeth, or while watching that little bit of TV before going to bed,

So you can see that doing these little exercises throughout the day while you're doing other things can work. Try it. You won't believe how fast you can get in a daily workout of 30 minutes or more.


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    • WayneDave profile image

      WayneDave 6 years ago from Leeds, England

      Nice post. I agree. I created (like many others before me) a home workout. Thanks for sharing.