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Motivational Fitness on a Busy Schedule

Updated on February 24, 2016

The Obvious Points

Physical Activity is important in daily routines (quite obviously), most people already know.

It's clearly proven by statistics and charts that remaining sedentary increases your risk for cancer, and being active decreases that risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008 studies show that "3 in 10 high school students get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day." Maybe that number has improved since then (hopefully). But we aren't implementing exercise enough.

My goal here is to not give you statistics, necessarily, on how many people exercise and how many don't. There's one too many articles on those topics. My goal today is to help you find ways to implement exercise in a daily (fairly busy) routine. Even a brisk walk would do the job.

Stuck at Work


We all know the 9-5 struggles. We see it on the way to work every morning in traffic.

When it comes to work, we typically decide to hold off on working out, exercising or any physical activity because we're so engaged in completing our duties, or we come home mentally drained (which in turn makes us physically tired). Going to the gym becomes a task rather than an escape. Jobs take away from the free time we all want. But we need to pay the bills somehow.

It's not just with work, but also having to pick kids up from school, or having to change diaper etc., we are so engaged in our habits that exercising is set at the bottom of our priority list.


Now, on to the good stuff...Solutions.

The topic of this article is "motivation" so i'll try to stick to that. A way to motivate you to stay positive and get to the gym even after work, and even mentally drained and physically beat.

I recently read a book that changed the whole outlook on my life. It was called "The Magic of Thinking Big." It says it all in the title...pretty self-explanatory.

But the biggest point I received from this book, was "Wake up with an 'it's going to be a good day' attitude." It makes the biggest difference, and that's probably the easiest step to think BIG. Thinking small would be waking up with an 'it's going to be a bad day' attitude. Then co-workers, and bosses, and clients will treat you badly, and you'll have a poor attitude.

Now, with the thinking BIG aspect, we can now come home with a refreshed mind. A new attitude on the day. "It was a GREAT day today". And the day still isn't over.


Exercising made easy

Now the product has become much easier with a simple change in the mind. Sales go up, co-workers become nice, and more fun to work with.

Motivation goes a long way. The most simple way to get motivated, is to strike the day with the right attitude. With the "Thinking Big" attitude.

Most websites will teach you how to workout at work, or how to implement exercise in your daily routines...I'm just here to tell you, that you can do whatever you want, if you set your mind to it.

Solutions to getting to the gym, are thoughts put to action when coming home. If you aren't in the mood to exercise, you probably wont exercise. If you're in the mood, even after working late, your mind will tell your body to get up and go.

Think Big

Like mentioned before, Thinking big goes a long way. That's been the outline of my life since reading a book (and I absolutely hate reading). I've come up with ideas that would never cross my mind previously (Flip houses, own companies, become a CEO etc.) but the idea is that getting motivated starts with your brain.

Excuses will train your brain to avoid things. Positive mindsets will trick your brain, and tell you it's the right thing to do.

It's Magic


Anyway, you get the idea...Motivation starts with the mind. The illustrations may be a little cliche but when you truly implement the thoughts, your body will find a way to make it happen.

Find a way to get up, get out, and get active. Regardless of your schedule, a simple walk will decrease your chances for cancer.

-Kory Groves

Baseball Player and

Owner of


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