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Motivational Quotes. Create Affirmations for Success.

Updated on September 18, 2015


Affirmations are positive statements. When you say an affirmation you are saying something is true. The statements you hear and think influence your thoughts and your behavior. Affirmations can be true or false. They can be said in the past tense, present tense or future tense. If you use the past tense then you are saying it was true. If you use a future tense you are saying it will be true in the future. If you use the present tense then you are saying that it is true now. People can use affirmations to change their thoughts and actions.

When using affirmations as a tool you should use the present tense most of the time because you live in the present. If you use the future tense set a deadline. Affirmations are not magic. They are a tool. You can use affirmations to put thoughts in your head and program yourself for success. One way to use affirmations is to set aside some time in the morning or at night and focus on the affirmations. You could repeat the affirmation a 100 times or repeat the affirmations for 5 minutes. Another way is to repeat them throughout the day. Use self talk, say them out loud, write them down or type them out.


Limiting Beliefs

People tend to have limiting beliefs. They hold themselves back and sabotage themselves. You can eliminate or reduce your limiting beliefs by using affirmations. You can make yourself feel happier and more confident. Negative thinking can stop people from trying their best. In some cases the person tries to fail. They try to prove that they can't do it. Telling yourself things like "I can do it." may seem silly but you are influenced by words. You are influenced by negative and positive statements.

If I tell myself "I am becoming more and more relaxed." then I feel more relaxed. If I tell myself "I can do it." enough times then I believe I can do it. If I tell myself that "I am confident." enough times then I feel confident. Do you only think positive thoughts? Do you only hear positive statements? Probably not. Repeating affirmations can help you be happier and more successful. You increase the number of positive statements.


Maybe you want to lose weight, become luckier or become taller. Wishing is not enough. To get what you want you need to take action. Motivational quotes or action oriented affirmations can motivate you to take the actions you need to take to get what you want. Say "I clean my house every day." often enough or at the right time and you will clean your house every day. If it is not the truth then it will become the truth. Say "I exercise while I watch TV." often enough and you will start to exercise while you watch TV. You can use repetition to overcome your resistance to change.

Repeat the action enough times and it will become a habit like having a shower every day or watching TV. Taking the action will feel natural. You will no longer need to motivate yourself. Your thoughts influence your actions. Get yourself to take action by increasing the amount of time you think about taking action. Forming new habits can be difficult. Motivational quotes make it easier.

Creating Motivational Quotes

You could search for motivational quotes and affirmations or you could make your own. What do you really want? What do you need to do to get it? Making motivational quotes is fairly easy. Figure out what you want to do or how you want to feel. Then make up a statement about it and include the word "I". Focus on controlling your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Write the quote down or type it out and save it. Put it where you will see it.

If it is something you want to feel or do every day then you might want to add "every day" to your statement. If you want to transform yourself or a situation then you can use "becoming". Adding words like "every day" and "becoming" make affirmations more powerful. For best results combine affirmations that change your beliefs and feelings with ones that motivate you to act. Keep your affirmations within the realm of possibility and make them believable to you. Avoid wishful thinking.

  • Describe the way you want to feel as the way you feel.
  • Describe actions you want to take as actions that your take.
  • Describe things you want in the future as things you are getting.
  • Describe who you want to be as becoming that person.

I am powerful.
I keep my room clean.
I exercise every day.
I am strong.
I exercise while I watch TV.
I am becoming leaner every day.
I am confident.
I eat healthy food.
Every day my life is getting better.
I am happy.
I relax my body and mind.
My luck is improving every day.
I like to exercise.
I declutter my life.
I am becoming more and more relaxed.

Read quotes other people use to get ideas. Then make up your own.

Believe it so you can achieve it. You can't succeed if you don't try.

I took this picture after biking 38 miles. When I believed I could not do it I was right. When I believed I could do it I was right. I used affirmations to make it possible.
I took this picture after biking 38 miles. When I believed I could not do it I was right. When I believed I could do it I was right. I used affirmations to make it possible. | Source
Failure is an opportunity to try again. It is an opportunity to improve. When you can try again the fear of failure should not stop you from trying. Failure is part of the process.
Failure is an opportunity to try again. It is an opportunity to improve. When you can try again the fear of failure should not stop you from trying. Failure is part of the process. | Source

Inspirational Quotes

Most of the inspirational quotes your hear or read are from people that were or are very successful. The quote is a piece of advice or a belief that helped them succeed. It inspires people because the person that said it knew what they are talking about. If you use the advice then it should help you become more successful.

  • You can't succeed if you don't try.
  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.
  • Believe it so you can achieve it.
  • Failure brings you closer to success.
  • Failure is an opportunity to do better.
  • Success is often achieved by those who fail over and over again.
  • Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.(Henry Ford)

It is easy to find inspirational quotes but they are not very inspirational by themselves and they might not apply to you. To make the quotes more inspiring find people like you that used the quotes to accomplish something amazing. Look at pictures, watch videos and read about their accomplishments. You can test the quotes out or make up your own and test them. Make a quote your mantra or slogan and see if it helps you accomplish your goals.

© 2015 Michael H


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