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Mount Everest-Highest Mountain In The World

Updated on June 11, 2017

Mount Everest Is 8,848.13 Meters Above Sea Level

An Awe-Inspiring Mountain

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is one of the most difficult and dangerous mountains to climb. It is also quite challenging, and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted, or those with a great fear of heights. If the mere thought of climbing Mount Everest makes your heart do a somersault, then it would be best for you to cast your gaze upon the high mountain from a safe distance, and to take a couple of great photographs. It would be much better that way, and a whole lot safer too!

The Ultimate Challenge

There are those, however, that are brave at heart, and they are the thrill seekers who absolutely love challenges. They prepare themselves, and learn how to climb mountains just so that they can go and climb Mount Everest. They are worthy of praise, because it takes a lot to do something like that. Many people lose their lives by trying to climb Mount Everest. The majestic mountain is 8,848.13 meters above sea level. That’s a height that is totally awe-inspiring. Before Mount Everest got an English name, the people of Tibet named it “Chomolungma,” which means “Goddess Mother of the World.” This beautiful and mellifluous name is very fitting for the magnificent greatness of the mountain. The people of Tibet and Nepal sees the mountain as the throne of the Gods that rule the world.

The Dreaded Mountain Sickness

The weather on Mount Everest is unpredictable, and the mountain slopes are icy, and that is why it is such a grueling climb. It is also a very perilous climb. When climbing very high above sea level, you may get mountain sickness, which is not very pleasant. It is caused by scarcity of oxygen, and you get headaches, suffer from sleeplessness, loss of appetite, vomiting, or giddiness. It can also lead to possible fatal lung, or brain swelling, in more drastic cases. The only cure is to descent very speedily. Mountain sickness affects 70 percent of those who climb higher than 3300 metres. That indeed, is food for thought.

Climbing All The Way To The Top

Every year hundreds of mountain climbers try to climb this snow covered mountain right to the top. Some don’t make it all the way up, and they have to turn back with disappointment heavy in their hearts. Those that do manage to make it all the way to the top, feel relief in their hearts, as well as joyful elation, and they celebrate their victory in a high-spirited manner.

Do You Feel Like Climbing Mount Everest Too?

Titanic In Its Greatness

Climbing Mount Everest seems like the ultimate adventure. It’s an exciting experience, and for those who love a tough challenge, Mount Everest is extreme. It’s extravagant and titanic in its greatness.

The First To Reach The Peak

On 29 May 1953, Edmund Hillary of New Zealand, and a Sherpa of Nepal, named Tenzing Norgay became the first to reach the peak. They were part of a British expedition, and they made their final assault on the peak, after they spent a fitful night at 27 900 feet. On the 2nd of June, news of their accomplishment spread around the world. Back then, they didn’t have the modern equipment that today’s mountain climbers have. It really was no small feat. Today, mountain climbers can use GPS and satellite phones that can save their lives in case they lose their way, and they can also use oxygen tanks that weigh only 3kg per tank.

Where Is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest sits on the crest of the Great Himalayas in Asia, lying on the border between Nepal and Tibet. The mountain was named by the English after Sir George Everest. He was a 19th century British surveyor of South Asia.

An Avalanche On Mount Everest

The Best Time To Travel To See Mount Everest

The ideal time to travel to see the amazing snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest would be during spring and autumn, from April to May, and from September to November. The northern part of Mount Everest is located in Tingri County in Southwestern Tibet.

A Lifelong Dream

If climbing Mount Everest has been a lifelong dream of yours, then preparation is of the utmost importance. Plan your route up the mountain properly, and also make sure you wear the right type of shoes, and warm clothing, and that you have enough food, and enough to drink, and also make sure that you have a first aid kit with you. A torch would also come in handy, as well as spare batteries, and take some matches along too, in a container that is waterproof. A whistle might come in handy too. It’s best to carry all your gear in a suitable backpack. Another great idea would be to climb with an expert; someone who knows the mountain; someone who has made it all the way to the top before(someone who has been there; done that). Also make sure that you’re in good physical condition before the climb. Jog or do aerobic exercises, or any type of exercise on a regular basis for about four weeks before you attempt to climb Mount Everest. By doing that you will have enough stamina. If you are fit, then your chance of climbing all the way to the top may just improve drastically. Also, practice climbing other more easier mountains before attempting to climb Mount Everest. By doing that, you will become really skilful at climbing mountains.

Well Worth The Climb

Mount Everest is an absolute glorious mountain. It is absolutely phenomenal. It’s a mountain that keeps on capturing the imagination of hundreds of people all over the world, and maybe that is why it is well worth the climb.


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    • heidi new hubber profile image

      heidi new hubber 7 months ago from Port Elizabeth South Africa

      Hi Dianemae, I admire those that have climbed Mount Everest, and it also inspires me to greater heights, although I have no intention of actually climbing the mountain.

    • Dianemae profile image

      Dianemae 8 months ago

      I have no plans to do that, but I am in awe of those who do. Just the thought of it makes my tired. It is a beautiful view and an inspirational thought provoking scene.