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Mountain Arnica (Arnica montana L.)

Updated on December 1, 2011
Mountain Arnica
Mountain Arnica | Source

I must stress first, that some Arnica genus are toxic. You need to know about this herbs, before gathering or cultivating them:

Regarding mountain Arnica type - They are tall 20-60 cm, smelling good. Base leaves are crossed (if the first leaves are horizontal to your vision, the next above them are vertical). Leaves are hairy above and smooth below. Egg-like in the base, spear-like at the tip. Blossoms are yellow to dark-yellow, in groups of 5 to 8 in one plant. They give fruits after the flower basket is polinated by wasps and bees. The fruits are like dandelions, they have seeds with white-yellowish flier, that can spread them in a windy day.

Useful part:

The flower baskets are collected before they start giving fruit - June-July. They need to be dried without sunlight in temperature no more than 60 C if you have herb drier. The dry flowers are still yellow, have some remaining aroma and bitter taste.

Mountain genus of this herb is useful for treating reumatoid pain. Fill the bath tub and put 15-20 flower baskets inside.

Alcohol extracts are also used for treating haemorrhages from diabetes. Bleeding decreases and the wound is cleared well from infections.

When you have a tooth ache - tea can be made from Arnica for mouth gurgling and rinsing.

Strong extracts from Arnica are made by medical labs to treat paralysis, but this cannot be done at home.

Arnica infusion preparation:

2 flower baskets are poured over with 1 pint of boiling water and left for 30 minutes.

The result can be used for treating fatigued and sore eyes (use a cloth soaked in the infusion over your eyes for 5 minutes). Also helps black eye (internal haemorrhage) to go away with 2-3 applications.

Tooth ache can get better after 1-2 minutes of rinsing with the infusion. Breath improves too ;)


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      Cynthia Calhoun 6 years ago from Western NC

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