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Mouth Guard Prices - Tips On How To Order Direct From The Lab

Updated on June 3, 2015

People who suffer with teeth grinding spend hundreds of dollars a year at the dentist's office on mouth guards, which are technically called Occlusal Splints, and don't realize that they could save lots of money by ordering directly from the labs that create the night guards. People who grind their teeth at night can either buy a mouth guard, or face a painful corrective oral surgery, and can even lose their teeth. The disease is called Bruxism.

This article will help you find ways to save money by ordering your night guard directly from the lab the dentist orders from.

Types Of Night Guards

Taking The Cheap Way Out- After hearing that your insurance will not cover or only cover a small percentage of your night mouth guard, and hearing that you may have to spend upwards of $250, your first instinct may be to head out to your local pharmacy store to try to find a cheap way or quick fix way out of this predicament. Stores like Walgreen's, CVS, and other retail pharmacy stores offer an inexpensive version of a night guard. I can speak from experience that these products did not work for me. I spent about $20USD on the cheap version of the night mouth guard, and took it home with the hopes that I had just saved my self several hundred dollars. This mouth guard was not custom fit like the ones from the Dentist and was very uncomfortable. It did not stay in place at night when I slept and caused sores in my mouth. I can't say this would happen to everyone, but it did happen to me, so I would recommend against this method.

You Said How Much?- Like many others, I've uttered this question to my dentist after finding out how much it would cost for a bite guard. The most I had to spend once was $278USD. Ouch! The Occlusal guard only lasted about a year. The dentist laid it out for me that if I didn't do something, that I would grind my teeth down until there would be nothing left and I would have to spend thousands in reconstructive dental surgery. Seeing as how I didn't want to go that route I happily shelled out the money for the expensive night bite guard. This type of guard is better quality, made from an acrylic resin, and because it is form fitted to your mouth. The dentist takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth, as well as gauges your bite for a perfect fit. This ensures that the guard stays in place at night while you are sleeping and doesn't slip back in your throat. It also helps relax your jaw and is more comfortable to wear. If you have the money, this is an obvious solution.

Ordering Direct From The Lab

A Better Way- So after spending about $1000USD in the last 5 years or so on night guards, I decided to do a little research on how I could take my own impressions and order my own Occlusal guard direct from the lab that manufactures them. There are several companies out there who specialize in this process and have created easy to use kits that allow just about anyone to have their own mouth guards and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the years to come. Not to mention saving their teeth!

The best service I have found on the web can be found by following this link to Sparkling White Smiles. They have been a trusted dental lab for over seven years and have prices starting at $110USD! Their process is very simple and they provide easy to follow instructions. They send a kit with everything you need to get your mouth guard. The kit includes the putty and setting tray needed to take your impressions. After making your impressions, send them off to their lab, and in about a week to two weeks you get your mouth guard back in the mail. This is the same quality as you get from the dentist's office, just at cost. Most dentists use this lab to make night guards for their patients, but they just mark up the price.

Teeth Grinding Video

Here is a short video about teeth grinding and bruxism and the effect it can have on your teeth if you do not protect yourself from night teeth grinding.


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